iTunes Gift Cards

What is it used for? iTunes gift cards can be a great tool for anyone who likes to download songs, watch movies or stay up to date with new media.You can buy the iTunes gift certificate for yourself or even send it to a friend or loved one. It is not only easy to access and use but also has a number of added advantages that you do not realize until you use the card.

In addition to purchasing music from the iTunes store directly, the card also allows you to get store credit equaling to the amount mentioned on the card. Therefore, if you don’t music you like and want to buy at the moment, your card will not go waste; instead you can use it for some other purpose such as iTunes Match or content related to Apple TV.

Where can you buy iTunes Gift Cards

There are a number of ways through which you can buy the iTunes gift cards; probably the easiest and most authentic source is of course the iTunes store itself where a variety of gift cards and certificates are available. Apart from this, you can also go for the option of PC connection, which allows you to make purchases on a number of goods and services including iPods, iPads and other Apple products. In addition to this, many retail stores also offer iTunes gift cards for iTunes users around the world. While buying the card online, it may be a good idea to check the authenticity of the website before making the purchase. Make sure that the card is not fake, and you can actually redeem it.

iTune Gift Cards amounts

There is no specific price range for the iTunes gift cards; you can have a card of as low as $10 and all the way up to $100. Usually, the cards are available in the denomination of: $10, $25 or $50.  The main idea behind these cards is to make your shopping experience fun that is probably the major reason for not putting up a specific limit on the amount of credit you can get on iTunes gift cards. In addition to gift cards, iTunes also offer allowance cards and gift certificates that have the same purpose more or less with a few additions and subtractions.

Redeeming your iTunes gift card

Redeeming your iTunes gift card is pretty simple; the free song credit is used first before your actual balance. All you need to do is to install the latest version of iTunes and click on online music; you will be automatically connected to the iTunes online library containing millions of songs, movies and television seasons. You can select the songs or their codes that you want to download and click on purchase. A dialogue box will open where you will enter the code of your iTunes gift card. If the amount of purchase you have made is more than the card limit, the additional amount is charged to your credit card.  So make sure that you have enough credit on your gift card before you start shopping.