3D Movie Experience

A television - 3D

If you’re wondering about 3D movies and whether they are as great to watch as some people say and the movie makers want us to believe I think you’ve come to the right spot.I want to tell you about my 3D movie experience. I happened upon it not by plan but by mere chance. It took me a long time to get to the point where I could sit down on a comfortable sofa and watch a 3D movie.

If you are a Movie buff

I’m not a huge movie buff. For me, movies either risk putting me to sleep or I become engaged so deeply by them I stay glued, all the way through, to the end. I don’t have a particular genre that appeals to me. Sci-Fi and who done its have generally not captivated my attention, I’ve tended to history or action thrillers. Maybe I’m boring that way.

Well, it’s probably safe to say, if you had the choice between watching black & white versus color you’d almost always choose color. If you could, high definition probably would also always be your choice.

Heard about the 3D Movie, Avatar?

Back when Avatar came out on DVD I was interested in renting it on Blu-ray and enjoying this acclaimed movie on my high def. TV. I rented it and I wasn’t disappointed. The story line was captivating, the imagination that went into the story and film was very impressive. The colors and action were equally amazing. But something was missing; I didn’t know it when I watched it for the first time but the movie was considerably more amazing then when I watched it and I had no idea.

About a year passed since I watched Avatar on my TV. Over that time 3D became more and more the buzz. I knew I should check it out but I just didn’t know what would be the best way. Then came the day a friend called me up asking for some help. He was looking to hook up his surround sound and was thinking about buying a new 3D TV. We talked it over a good deal. I told him I had pretty much come to the conclusion that like microwaves, 3D was here to stay. And, although it wouldn’t be every time, it sure would be nice to have if you wanted to enjoy something in 3D.

3D – Was it hard to put a system together?

So, with 3D’s popularity he took the leap. And for those of you who are curious, I answered his question and recommended he look at a Samsung; Samsung is passionate about their product, but that’s a topic for another conversation, you can read about the differences between passive and active 3D here.

So, I get an email telling me he had purchased a huge 60” LED, I like LEDs because they use less electricity. We set a date and got everything hooked up including his surround sound system. The hookup was pretty straight forward but it did take a few hours work.

Did the 3D Movie put me to sleep?

Then came the invitation, Saturday night at my friend’s new 3D in home movie theater (aka: his living room). I promise the location disappeared from consciousness quickly once the movie began. We drew the shades, turned on the Blu-ray and new TV and popped in the Avatar 3D. I had no idea what was coming next. Then, I hit the little power button on the 3D glasses, put them on and got comfortable on the couch.

The movie began and I was instantly mesmerized. The 3D actually worked. The depth, color and dimension were sometimes breath taking. The movie was an entirely different experience from the first time. I wouldn’t want to watch Avatar in standard color again; I’d have to have 3D.

Time flies by with some 3D movies…..

The time flew by in the movie. Once again I was completely swept up in the plot, the detail, as though I was in the movie, literally but just sitting off to the side.

So, from my opinion, do you want 3D? In one word, YES. All I can say is, if you have a microwave get 3D and have some popcorn on hand.

If you want 3D here’s what you need:

What will you need you ask? 3D Ready TV, 3D Glasses from the company who makes the TV, 3D BluRay Player, and HDMI cable to connect the BluRay Player to the TV, and a 3D Movie like Avatar. Enjoy!