Abus – Multiroom Audio

Abus audio - multiroom

A-Bus is a patented, licensed technology designed to distribute Multiroom Audio signals throughout a home over Cat5 Ethernet. A-Bus systems have advantages over analog speaker wire only systems in that it’s capable of also allowing you remote control access at each volume control. Each volume control typically have an IR window which will accept a remote control signal thus allowing the user to command functions of the stereo source, CD player, iPod etc.                            

Abus audio - multiroomHow does Abus audio work?

An A bus system starts with what is called a source input module to be located, typically, along side the stereo equipment you wish to enjoy music from in another room. An output on the back of the stereo is connected, typically using standard RCA cables, to the Abus source input module. Depending on the manufacture, the music source is then transmitted throughout the home to special Abus designed volume controls. Because the volume control pulls double duty as the speak amplifier, the speaker pair of a given room is wired directly to the volume control using regular 2 conductor speaker wiring for each speaker in the pair.

How is the sound quality of Abus Audio?

The sound quality of an Abus system is very comparable to the more typical, speaker wiring only systems of the recent past. A benefit over those systems could be argued however that Abus, because of Cat5 inherent interference reducing characteristics created by the internal wire twists from the factory, static sounds from induced electrical interference are usually greatly reduced. In any event, both types of systems installed properly will yield a nearly identical result. Abus’s advantage then would be limited to the remote control functions and multiple source control based on the manufacturer make and model installed.

Is Abus difficult to install?

Given the right circumstances an Abus multiroom audio system installation is relatively easy. Aside from the proper drill and drill bit(s) a few specialized tools could likely be needed. An RJ45 crimping tool and glow rods might necessary. The glow rods are used to help fish the Cat and Speaker wires inside wall spaces and the crimp tool is often necessary to terminate the ends of the Cat5.

Can you Use iPad or iPhone with Abus?

The short answer is yes. However it will depend on the equipment you already own or are planning to buy. If you use or hope to use Apple Airport Express then it will work with an Abus System. The Airport has both a digital and analog audio output however Abus typically only accepts an analog input. So, if you connect the Airport Express analog output to an Abus input it will work. If however you want to use Apple TV then no it won’t work because Apple TV only have a digital audio output.

The general rule of thumb for making an iPad or Pod or iTunes work with ABus is that you have to take a Line Level (Red White RCA Audio) output and plug it into an Abus input.

Channel Vision makes an Abus iPhone iPod dock that will incorporate with many Abus Systems.

Installation Tips for A-Bus audio

When a glow rod is required to push/snake/ or fish a wire into a closed up wall space, up to a half inch hole helps you to better navigate the wire to the point you need to get it to. Once complete, seal your holes with the sealant appropriate to you area, climate and construction type

When terminating a CAT5 wire, click on the informational videos tab at the top of this site and find the video on Cat5.

Allows leave at least 18” if not far more slack at the end of each wire. You can always trim it back later.

Label your wiring. Masking tapes and marker work just as well as professional labels and if doing this during construction protect your labels. If you do not protect your labels they will get lost, destroyed, painted etc. More information available of

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