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Coax Cable having a 75 ohm characteristic, is used primarily as a video wire which has a single center conductor and is typically used in the transmission of cable television or


Cat 5 is a versatile low voltage wire which can be used for a variety of connection and control solutions inside a home or business.

Digital Optical Toslink Connection Cable

Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable

If you like great sound then you’ll want to consider a digital optical toslink audio connection cable when hooking up an audio source to an amplifier.

Component Video

Component Video Cable

This article is comprised of three different sections. In this article we are going to explain Component Video in the last section.

HDMI Connection Cable


High Definition Multimedia Interface, better known as HDMI, is the best type of connection cable product you can use to connect AV equipment (Audio & Video). HDMI originated from the DVI cable,

S Video

What is S-Video

The S-video cable was introduced in 1987