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DSBA1 Ultra Thin Digital Signal Booster TV Antenna

The DSBA1 in an Ultra thin TV Antenna with Signal Booster connectivity built in.

The DSBA1 does not require any complicated installation, the DSBA1 sets up easily onto a tabletop, or can be affixed to either a wall or window for maximum free television signal reception and high definition signal quality.

The built in signal booster connectivity is powered from your TV’s USB service port or the optional extra plug in wall charger. the DSBA1 is designed to receive in free high definition television signals from as far as 50 miles away.

Our tests have shown the built in signal booster of the DSBA1 greatly enhances the number of channels but also the quality of the High Definition picture but helping to reduce static pixelation then can interrupt  programs from antenna that don’t have a booster.

Once you connect your DSBA1 to your TV you simply scan for channels, we’ve produced this video to help you scan for channels

Roof Antenna

Over the Air OTA, the equipment setup you need to watch free HD broadcast TV

Over the Air is Television programming which is broadcast free of charge, throughout a given city or suburb. We explain how to view free HD TV including the right equipment and setup.