Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans for TV Electronics

for Home Electronics

Because electronics don’t use electricity efficiently wasted electricity comes off as heat. If you’ve ever touched your TV after its been on for a while, or your set top box, you can feel the heat. This heat needs to dissipate away from the electronics via the use of a speciality cooling fan designed for home electronics.

Any buildup of this heat around your home electronics is bad for the electronics. Electronics exposed to excess heat can be damaged and will eventually stop functioning properly or worse, quit working altogether. Although virtually every electronic has venting, when you position several components close to one another or in a closed space, the air in and around heats up and the electronics won’t be sufficiently cooled.


Sometimes however, knowing when or how much cooling is needed can be a challenge. Or, even deciding which cooling products are right for your electronics setup can be questionable? For example, surely the last thing you want to hear is the sound of a fan while you’re trying to enjoy a TV program or your favorite music or game? So then the question becomes how to determine the right cooling equipment?


It’s recommended you consider a cooling fan solution that is specifically designed for the use with home electronics. These cooling fans tend to be very quiet and have a few features unique to functioning in a home theater application.


Some things to take into account when determining the best cooling fan options are:

  1. Are your electronics in a cabinet or a rack/shelf system? How well is the ventilation working now?
  2. Do you want cooling fans to run when your electronics are turned on or only when they reach a certain temperature?
  3. Where do you plan to position the cooling fan(s) and is there room?

Enter the Cooling Fan…

Cooling Fans for TV Electronics

This is ann economical solution for spot cooling components. One of the best applications is to mount it to the side of a component to circulate air through side vents.

Single fan units can be used for spot cooling smaller component including non-high definition cable or satellite receivers, game boxes, and DVD players.

A Dual Fan Unit is appropriate for cooling larger size components such as amplifiers and receivers, high-definition receivers, etc.


Cooling Fans for Home Theater equiment

This Component is for cooling AV racks or stacking on top of and between components such as in equipment racks and entertainment cabinets


Cooling Fan Thermostat Switch


Cooling Fan Temperature Controller

Basic Temp Controllers – Basic on/off control based on a fixed set point of 80 or 88 degrees. These set points are appropriate for closet applications and when multiple pieces of equipment are in close proximity to one another.

Advanced Temp Controller – Also feature basic on/off control as well as advanced variable speed control. The one unit features switchable 80 & 88F set points which are appropriate for both closet and cabinet applications.

Gaming Console Cooling Fans


Cooling Fans for Gaming ConsolesThese products are designed to directly cool today’s popular game consoles including the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft X-Box systems. The units attach directly to the game boxes providing additional cooling which will help prevent thermal shutdowns and extend the life the game boxes.

X-Box Cooling Unit This unit is for directly venting X-Box 360 Game Boxes. It attaches to the back vent of the game box and is powered from the X-Box’s USB port.

Wii Cooling Unit This unit is for directly venting Nintendo Wii Game Boxes. It attaches to the back vent of the game box and is powered from the Wii’s USB port.