DreamGear Tri Mount Review

If you have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, or Playstation Move and you also have a flat screen TV, you may have discovered that is quite a pain to mount the cameras (or the sensor in the Wii’s case) on top of the TV, which is actually the most optimal place for them. One possible solution to this problem is the DreamGear Xbox Kinect/Playstation Move/Wii Tri Mount.

This accessory clips directly on top of your flat screen TV, and comes with foam blocks to place on the inside of the clip to avoid scratching the finish of your television. Additionally, the clip portion of the Tri Mount can be completely removed and the unit can be mounted on the wall via an included bracket if you so desire, or if you absolutely have to, which will discuss why you may have to a little later in this review.

What is the DreamGear Tri Mount Supposed to do?

At the bottom of the Tri Mount, there is a place for you to slide your Wii sensor into place, and it offers a snug, secure fit. I like it for the Wii because if you have ever tried to just lay your sensor on top of your flat screen TV, you are aware of its tendency to slide off pretty regularly. Sure, the Wii sensor does have some adhesive strips you can place on the bottom so that it sticks in place, but most of us don’t want glue residue left on the finish of our flat screen TV, so that is really not a viable option.

The Playstation Eye camera has it’s own custom sized slot right in the middle of the Tri Mount. You come in from the side and slide it into place, also offering a snug, secure fit. Again, the Playstation Eye won’t stay in place on top of a flat screen TV very well without some sort of aftermarket clip or mount, so the Tri Mount serves its purpose nicely here as well.

Finally, the Xbox Kinect camera sits on top of the bracket. The Tri Mount has four small posts coming out of the top that align perfectly with the holes in the base of your Kinect camera. It seems to be a solid fit and your camera won’t go anywhere, allowing you to finally have it on top of your flat screen TV securely.

The Downside  

As advertised, the DreamGear Xbox Kinect/Playstation Move/Wii Tri Mount fits most flat screen TVs, thanks to its adjustable clip. The keyword there, though, is most. If your flat screen TV is a couple of years old, then chances are that it may be thicker than the maximum depth that the Tri Mount will adjust out too, which is around 17 ¾ inches. Still, it will fit most TVs, just be sure and check the depth of your TV if you are thinking about ordering this accessory before doing so. That being said, you could always mount it to the wall if it doesn’t fit your TV.   The other downside to this is the price. Now, if you have at least two of the systems, it is a pretty decent value, and if you have all three, it is a great value. However, if you only have one of the systems, then this just isn’t worth the MSRP of $29.99. For example, if you want a set-top mount for your Playstation Eye, There are serviceable mounts for just $5.88 online. There are similarly low prices on mounts for the Wii sensor bar and the Xbox Kinect camera.   The Bottom Line If you have a flat screen TV, at least two out of the three systems, and your TV isn’t one that it won’t fit or if you don’t mind mounting it to the wall, then the DreamGear Xbox Kinect/Playstation Move/Wii Tri Mount is a good value and will definitely serve its purpose well. Otherwise, you should take a pass on it. More Gaming Accessories here.