Electricity Power Usage Monitor

What are they ?

Electricity power usage monitors are easy to use devices that will allow you to quickly figure out how much electricity either your house uses or a single device uses. Additionally, a Thermal Leak detector will help you trace down air ventilation leak problems and also contribute to over use of electricity and higher bills and therefore are a part of this topic.

Information on electrical watt consumption here.

How do the work?

A whole house electricity power usage monitor works by quickly and easily installing onto you electrical meter (90% of electrical meters are compatible). The meter monitor sends data to a wireless handheld display you can keep inside your home like you kitchen, office etc. The handheld monitor can instantly show you your electricity cost when you turn things on and off in your home.

The Thermal leak detector allows you to better understand your electricity consumption by showing you leaks to your heating and air-conditioning ventilation system. Understanding and addressing those leaks can immediately help reduce your electricity bill.

Lastly, a power monitor can be used as a one piece device to figure out how much electricity on appliance or TV, or lamp etc. uses.

All of these tools are simple to use, can help you learn ways to reduce your energy bill and carbon emissions, and help you modify your electricity usage over time.

Electricity Power Usage Monitor – Are they difficult to install?

To install a whole house electricity power usage monitor, you will want you electric bill handy to determine you rate and billing system specific to your area. Each electric utility will have a rate slightly different then another and may or may not have different rates based on demand and time of day etc.

The whole house monitor requires a fairly quick fastening to your electrical meter so simply hand tools like a screw driver are helpful.

The handheld devices can be as simply as plugging it into an electrical wall receptacle, plugging the device you want to measure electricity usage for into and looking at the immediate results.

Video Demonstration of Whole Home Power Monitor

If you want to learn more Black & Decker has put together a really good video which allows you see how they work. This will help you decide if these tools are something you want for your home.