iPod Battery, tips for making it last longer.

In this article we’ll look at 6 tips you can use to help extend your iPod battery life. It’s true that many of us not only have an iPod but also use it regularly and once you are used to listening to music on the go, it is very inconvenient to have your iPod’s battery die. Even though, the iPod battery life is long lasting, you can do a lot to make sure it lasts even longer than it normally would.

Normally, conserving the battery life of your iPod simply means to give up on the cool features it offers. This is true sometimes, but most people just want to make their iPod last for hours so for this crowd, extra add-on features do not hold much importance anyway.

How to adjust iPod Auto Brightness

One great way to automatically conserve the battery of your iPod is the Auto Brightness function in the settings of your device. With this feature on, the iPod will adjust its brightness level depending upon the light present around it. Brightness of the screen takes up additional battery life so the device will keep the screen brightness low when there is sufficient light present around. In addition, you can control the default brightness of the screen while keeping it moderate to low all the time. This function can also be found in the settings and keeping this level dimmer can help save battery life for more music playing.

Extend iPod Battery Life by turning off Bluetooth

iPods as well as iPhones with Bluetooth facilities take up extra power especially when the Bluetooth is left on for accepting data from incoming devices. Even though, this facility is useful if you want to transfer data from your phone to iPod or vice versa, keeping the Bluetooth of your iPhone switched on at all times will take up more battery life so keep it off unless required.

Turn off iPod Clicker Speaker

Similarly if you have the clicker speaker switched on in your music player, turn it off because you do not really need to hear the clicker wheel moving about and this only takes up more power and battery life.

The Hold Switch on iPod

The hold switch on your iPod is another very important button. Since the touch screen facility of the iPod makes it vulnerable to have your iPod functioning on its own if it is in your pocket or bag, make sure the hold button is on if you are not using the player.

Letting the iPod battery remain discharged is a bad idea

The health of the battery is directly determined by the temperature changes it is exposed to. Extreme temperature changes can reduce the overall life of the battery. So do not keep your iPod discharged for long periods as it can bring about such temperature changes.

Software update might help the iPod battery life

Updating the software of your iPod is another beneficial thing you can do to conserve your batter life. This is because updating the software of your iPod is tuned to automatically fix some of the common battery issues. Last but not the least, the backlight timer of the iPod takes up a lot of power. So set the backlight timer such that is takes the minimum possible time for the backlight to turn off so that battery power of your iPod is conserved for longer giving you more time to play music and enjoy.