iPod Classic

Taking Care of Your iPod Classic

Electronic gadgets can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly and even though Apple products are known for their sturdiness, good regular care will make an iPod Classic last as long as possible. Since Apple only gives a service warranty of one year, it may be a good idea to take good care of your iPod Classic on your own rather than claiming its warranty or taking it to a repair person. Follow some simple tips that can help you maintenance your iPod classic in a good shape without a lot of effort:

Keep the Batteries Charged

The worst thing you can do with your iPod classic is to drain the batteries and keeping them drained for long periods. This reduces the life of the battery and might even cause damage to the working of the iPod Classic software. Make sure that when you place your iPod Classic for charging, you leave it long enough for a complete charge which could take as long as five to six hours. Only once a month, allow the batteries to end completely before recharging it. The more you are careful about the recharging, the longer will your batteries last. Along with this, while replacing batteries make sure that you follow the proper procedure and that your iPod classic is switched off because any damage occurring during the replacement process can be permanent.

Get an iPod Classic Cover

The iPod Classic is a pricey gadget so getting a cover does not only keep your iPod away from scratches or dirt, but it also makes your iPod look cool. Covers come in all types of material with different colors and designs to match your mood. If you do not like fancy covers, you can always go for a simpler one that does not have anything on it.

Keep the Wheel Clean

The most important part of your iPod Classic is the wheel; any dirt stuck in the wheel can hinder its working and can thus cause permanent damage to your gadget. Therefore, it is very important to protect the wheel against dirt particles. Even if you put a cover on your iPod, the wheel will still be exposed, so you will have to manually clean it regularly with a soft and dry cloth. In case there is a lot of dirt stuck in it, you can use a gentle blower to ensure that all the dirt is thoroughly removed. At least once a month, sit down to inspect the area around the wheel and then clean it accordingly.

Do Not Listen to Music at Full Volume

This is very important especially if you are using Apple’s original earphones. At full volume, the earphone will work fine for a month or so but then eventually the sound quality will deteriorate. In addition to this, do not wrap earphones around the iPod once you are done using it; instead keep them in a separate case away from dirt. Wrapping the earphones around the iPod damage the internal wiring and your earphones tend to last for a smaller period.