Heard about Pandora a couple years back from a client. We were in the process of integrating all their systems, the entertainment systems we’re to be controlled by one remote control. The client let us know about their love of Pandora; that was my first experience with the online music station.

What is Pandora?

Pandora, if you’re not already familiar, is a both a free and subscription based online music radio station. You create an account and then build a list of your own personalized radio stations. I built about 10 stations since, and the genres range all over the scale of tastes. It was listening to Pandora today that inspired me to write about this great service.

Today the weather was incredible.  …Sat out in the back yard in an outdoor recliner. The sun was shining, and gentle breeze wisped through the trees and a few birds were out. I decided to turn on Pandora. Sometimes I like Rock, sometimes Country and other times beachy island music but today it was music to relax by. I had recently created a station called Ambient Radio, its loaded with music and sounds of water, wild life and other very relaxing sounds. I play my Pandora through a BluRay player that I connect to a small stereo amplifier and then to my outdoor speaker setup. Relaxed? You bet. You can check out Pandora here.