Rovio Review

Rovio WiFi Robot

Rovio Review Rovio WiFi Robot

Rovio is the mobile Webcam that you can control over the Internet. With Rovio you can communicate via your computer, smart phone, game console or whatever you use to go online. No matter where you are you can be where Rovio is. Rovio lets you see here and communicate just as if you were right there, say good night to your family, check on your home, check on your pet, or you can find out if your mail has arrived. You can take part in a video conference in another city all the way from your hotel room in Europe. From wherever you are to where ever you want today you are now just one click away. Once you connect Rovio to your Wi-Fi network the Rovio on-line control interface lets you do it all.  Explore the room, have a conversation, just listen in. Thanks to Rovio’s high-quality streaming audio and video capability you get the best possible view. And with Rovio’s neck mounted camera the camera can move from low to mid way to 40° tilt. Speak and hear clearly using Rovio’s built-in microphone and speaker. Rovio has three wheels; each wheel has 10 built in mini wheels enabling you to fluidly and precisely maneuver Rovio into any direction.

Rovio Recharging Dock and Navigation

Rovio comes with a charging dock that contains the true track navigation system. This system let’s Rovio know where it is in the room at all times. Don’t worry about Rovio running out of power, you can charge the battery remotely from wherever you are. Rovio will alert you when battery life is low and with one click Rovio will self-recharge.

What comes with Rovio

Each Rovio kit comes with:

  • the charging dock, 
  • set up software CD, 
  • and a rechargeable battery pack 
  • a user manual a quick start guide 
  • an AC adapter and a USB cable 

How Rovio Operates

Rovio does require a high-speed Internet connection and it also requires a wireless network and a computer with a USB port for set-up purpose.  True track technology uses infrared light so the robot knows where it is in the room at all times .You can preprogram Rovio to go to a specific spot in your room. You can pre-program in an auto track mode which Rovio will follow and record the images as it moves. Through the interface you can take a photograph or you can have Rovio take photographs and automatically e-mail them

Rovio True Track Room BeaconRovio TrueTrack Navigation

Extend the area of the TrueTrack Navigation System to allow Rovio to travel multiple rooms.

With the TrueTrack™ Navigation System you can store preset stopping points – one click will automatically navigate Rovio to the preprogrammed point – and TrueTrack Room Beacons allow Rovio to travel a larger area

With the help of additional TrueTrack Room Beacons Rovio can locate its charging dock when its batteries are low – even from another room

A single TrueTrack Room Beacon can provide coverage for one room or open area that is approximately 20-25 feet (6-7.5 meters) in diameter.

Rovio HeadlightRovio Headlight

              • Two bright LED lights
  • Boosts Rovio’s vision in dimly-lit locations
  • Snap-on, easy setup
  • Powered using Rovio’s battery pack