Schlage Link Review

Schlage Link

In this article you will find all the information about the Schlage Link system such as:

what is it 

optional features

how does it work

how is it installed and setup

what are the costs

What is Schlage Link

The Schlage Link system begins with a Schlage Door Lock & a Schlage Link Bridging device that you connect to an existing Internet connected Home Computer Network Router.

The Schlage Link is a lock that you can operate four different ways.

  1. As with any door lock or deadbolt you can simply use a key. 
  2. If for whatever reason you don’t have the key you can use a secret custom pin number to open your door. 
  3. The 3rd way is by using any Internet Connected computer. 
  4. And the 4th and final way to operate your Schlage Link lock is via the use of a compatible smart phone.

How Schlage Link Works

Schlage Link Features

Some of the many other features of Schlage Link are:

  • You can get an automatic message when your son or daughter comes home from school 
  • You can even create a one-day code that gives access to somebody who needs to perform work in your house 
  • You can add up to 200 other controllable components such as cameras and thermostat control

How to install a Schlage Link Lock System

When you are replacing an existing lock with the Schlage Link lock typically the only tools you will need are a flat head and phillips head screw driver.

Once you’ve installed the three AA batteries and the one 9 volt battery (the Link Bridge requires a 9 volt battery as well) you should expect the batteries will last as long as three years under normal family household use.

Setup the Schlage Link Bridge

You will want to have the Link Bridge handy as you setup your system. Inside the Bridge battery compartment is the Bridge MAC ID. Without the MAC ID you will not be able to complete the setup. The next step is to install a 9 volt battery into the Bridge. Before you plug your bridge into your Home Computer Network Router you will need to enroll your Link compatible devices. Next step is to setup your account at Schlage and follow the guided setup. Connect your Link Bridge to your router using a Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Schlage Link Pricing

The Link is available at Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon. A Basic starting package which includes a lock, Link Bridge and one lamp module is $299

A Schlage cameras is $179

If you want to enjoy the benefits of managing, controlling or operating your Link system away from home the monthly service fee is $9