Skype VOIP

skype voip

Skype began as a computer to computer Internet based phone service. Two people who were both connected to the Internet were able to speak with one another using their Internet connect. Now, millions of people can talk to one another via Skype VOIP by tapping into the Internet. Skype calls between Skype customers is free.

Skype VOIP Video Calling

With this service you can do a lot of great things. If you’re traveling and want to read your family a story over Skype you can. Teleconferencing can save a lot of time and money for companies having operations spread all over. Groups of associates and partners can all collaborate using the Skype VOIP service

Skype VOIP features

    • Conference calls: If you need to talk with several people at the same time this is a great service that lets you do just that and the best part, its free if everyone is a Skype customer.
    • Voice Mail: If you’re on the go or in a meeting and can’t take a phone call, with Skype you’re able to setup a voice mail box to manage your messages
    • Caller ID: This lets callers know it’s you calling.
    • Send File: With Skype you can send files, videos, and photos regardless of how large the size.
    • Facebook: This is a feed service that lets you stay connected with your friend’s latest updates.
    • Call Forwarding: If you not connected to the Internet to take Skype telephone calls you can forward your number so you never miss a call.
    • Screen Sharing: This is a great way to give presentation materials during a Skype call
    • Short Message Service: Text from wherever you area
    • Call Transfer: If you need to transfer a phone call Skype VOIP lets you do it
  • Instant Message: If you can’t talk at the moment but what to Internet Chat with Skype VOIP you can.
  • Skype Wife: If Wi-Fi available in a public place is your only access then Skype VOIP credits let you check in
  • Business VOIP: With Skype you can add the service to a business with either a legacy PBX system and the SIP VOIP system.

Skype VOIP equipment:

Skype VOIP is available 4 different ways. On your computer, smart phone, TV, and even through your home telephone. Here’s a listing of some equipment options:

  • Computer:  At the very minimum you’d need a PC and Internet connection but preferably you also want a web-cam with microphone.
  • Smart Phone: Depending on your type of phone and your phone service you can download an app, buy Skype VOIP credits and stay connected on the go.
  • TV: This is one of the most unique features available from Skype VOIP, on your Television. You need a couple specific things like teleHD, or a Skype VOIP ready Blur Ray player or a Skype VOIP ready TV.
  • Home Land-line: If you’re looking for the convenience of adding Skype to or as your home land-line there are several options to do this. One option is a straight up plug in phone. An inexpensive phone comes with a USB jack that you plug right into a USB port on your computer or laptop. Other options are special cordless phones which work in conjunction with your WiFi network. Simply plug the charging base into an electrical receptacle and walk freely throughout your home via Skype. Some phones even let you see when friends are online via the small built-in screen on the phone handset.