Slingbox Review

What is Slingbox

Slingbox is the name of a simple electronic gadget, made by a company called Slingmedia, which allows you to view your home TV programming from

 anywhere when you are traveling away from home. This quick video demonstrates Slingbox.

  • Using Slingbox watch your home TV from anywhere
  • Watch your DVR home TV recordings from anywhere
  • Watch it using your: smart phone, PC, laptop or tablet pc
  • Control it using the virtual remote control

Why use Slingbox?

If you or someone you know travels often but misses being able to watch the local news, a favorite local channel, or a pre-recorded program on the DVR then Slingbox can help fill the gap.

A friend, both a pilot and Slingbox fan, says “a properly configured Slingbox is the best option for watching live TV away from home, especially on an iPad. It’s free and more importantly, it’s available anywhere in the world there is a Wi-Fi connection. Watching American TV in Europe is practically impossible. No Netflix, no HBOGo, no HULU. Slingbox is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. That’s pretty strong.

The only real conflict is that while using Slingbox, it DOES take over whatever DVR device is connected to it. So the user will want to be sure that it’s connected to a TV that is rarely used by other family members/friends while accessing it on the road.”

How to hook-up Slingbox

The permanent setup of Slingbox in your home, although pretty easy to do, does require a very basic wiring connections.

There are four simple connections you will need to make: (1) Connect the video cable to your Cable/Satellite/Uverse TV Set-top box (3) Stick the remote control in front of the Set-top box (2) Plug the slingbox into your home computer network router or network switch (4) plug in the power. And go through a quick App setup and you’re done.

If you do not have a router connection nearby to where you will be locating your sling box you can get a product, Ethernet over Electrical wiring.

Can I watch Slingbox in HD?

Slingbox will allow you to watch content as high as 1080i High Def assuming the device you are using to view it on supports that high a resolution.

What costs are involved with Sling Box?

Slingbox doesn’t have any subscription fees so once you hook it up your done. Naturally if you want to view your Slingbox from your smart phone you’ll need an appropriate data plan from you wireless phone carrier.

Slingbox Pro-HD Back Panel