Boston Acoustic Sound Bar and Wireless Sub Woofer

What features we liked?

1. The system comes with a wireless subwoofer and the subwoofer has its own built-in amplifier.

2. The system sounds good at most volume levels a typical owner would likely listen. 150 watts

3. Connecting the sound bar to the audio source ( your TV or Receiver or Set top box) is straightforward, one Connection Cable. You could do an advanced setup and connect 2 audio sources.

What features need to be improved?

1. The system touts a remote controllable function; however, the IR remote receiver is installed behind a plastic grill. This grill obstructs the IR receiver window and users will find volume control, via a remote control, spuradic but it does work….often times in a frustrating manner. Grills of any kind in front of an IR remote control receiver window hampers, not helps, a remote controls functionality.

2. Some of the setup instructions could have more complete detail so be prepared to read even the quick setup guide carefully and slowly to understand each step.

3. The grill on the sound bar is plastic. Although it looks nice it doesn’t alway fully seat itself 100%. This causes the important setup and useage buttons to not be fully accessable and further blocks the IR remote receiver window.

Boston Acoustic Back Panel of Sound Bar