Vizio VSB210WS

Vizio VSB210WS Sound Bar Wireless SubWoofer

Vizio VSB210WS Sound Bar and Wireless Sub-Woofer review. This is a nice setup because you do not have to run a cable over to the sub-woofer from the sound bar.

Vizio VSB210WS Sound Bar Features

The dimensions of the Vizio VSB210WS measures about 40 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and around 5 inches deep. It comes with mounts right out-of-the-box so you can put it on the table and you can use the same mounts if you flip them around so that you can mount the sound bar on the wall directly beneath a flat screen tv.

All of your controls for the sound bar are right on the top: power, input, volume control, mute, and surround sound controls. The sound bar comes with 4 three inch drivers and then smaller tweeters on the side on the backside there’re two soundboards they’re two sound ports that are designed to help support the bass. Connections on the back panel are pretty simple there is just a power connection for the support this little button right there and it’ll send it to the sound bar overall this album are produced a pretty nice sound . Testing shows the system getting down to around 35 Hz we could not get it to respond anything over 16,000 Hz .

Vizio Remote - VSB210WS

Vizio VSB210WS Sound Bar – Remote Control

The supplied remote control only has nine buttons you can do all I going turn the sound up and down and that’s about much you’ll need to keep a television remote control close by to change channels with the TV manual etc.

Vizio VSB210WS sound bar – Dislikes

One thing we did not like about soundboard is there is no equalizer. Some of the programs that you watch have a very poor audio tracks and the bass will be a little bit too high or too low and without adjustments you can’t change that. Sometimes you have to turn the bass down the supplements over to fix that problem it’s not a problem of the Vizio VSB210WS sound bar itself

Vizio VSB210WS Sound Bar Summary

On the negative side about the Vizio VSB210WS sound bar is that it does not have a built in equalizer and with certainly poorly mixed audio tracks re-transmitted by the broadcasters the sounds were sometimes either too low to too highly pitched.

Vizio VSB210WS Back Rear Panel

Owners Users Manual