XBox 360 Wireless Keyboard Review

If you find yourself looking into buying an Xbox 360 Wireless Keyboard, whether it be for chat, web browsing, or any of your other text entry needs, then you should probably at least consider the Microsoft Arc Keyboard for PC and Xbox 360. As you are obviously aware of thanks to the name, this keyboard actually works for PCs as well as the Xbox 360 (and Macs as well, although Microsoft wouldn’t dare put that in the name of their product.) Right off the bat you should know that this is one of the best wireless keyboards we’ve ever seen. Let’s explore, in greater detail, what makes this keyboard so great.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard for PC and Xbox 360 Features

The first thing you are going to notice is the keyboard’s arc design (hence the name,) offering you an incredibly comfortable ergonomic design. Candidly, it is going to feel a bit strange at first, there is definitely an adjustment period involved with using this keyboard. That being said, it is worth the adjustment. As stated, the Arc Keyboard is incredibly comfortable to use. The shape coupled with a small area to rest your wrists on at the bottom combine to insure that you do not suffer fatigue and soreness in your wrists, a huge plus that is worth the “getting used to it” factor involved with this unique design.

The keys on the Microsoft Arc Keyboard are incredibly responsive, really top of the line. They, however, also require an adjustment period as they have a very “soft” feeling to them, but again they respond properly and don’t feel cheap. There is, however, one key that is a bit of a problem. The arrow key, which is similar in design to an Xbox D-pad, doesn’t respond as well as the rest of the keys and can be a bit of a pain when you are trying to navigate around. That is, however, the lone drawback to this keyboard.

The Arc Keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries, has excellent battery life, and it connects to your Xbox, PC, or Mac via one of the smallest USB dongles we have ever seen. The dongle is magnetic, which is nice for storing it beneath your keyboard when not in use so that you don’t lose it, especially considering how small it is.

As to the price of this keyboard, it lists at $59.99 and is worth every penny. That being said, we found it at several different online vendors for around $40, making it an even better value.

Summary of the Arc Keyboard

So, if you are looking for an Xbox wireless keyboard, or a wireless keyboard for your home computer for that matter, you should definitely put the Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard for PC and Xbox 360 at the top of your list. Quality construction, ultra-responsive keys, an ergonomic design that gives you comfort, wrist support, and just an outright cool look, all at a reasonable price make this one a recommended buy.