The 2 Gig controller is designed around a user friendly touchscreen which has grown to become the icon of not only the home automation and home security industry but also the general home electronics community.

Inside the 2 gig controller unit is a battery backup and 3 antennas.One antenna is the GSM radio so it works over either the AT&T or T-Mobile network. This allows the 2 Gig Go Control to talk to services like and it has the ability to do alarm monitoring all over the GSM. Another antenna is Z-Wave. This antenna allows capability with all Z-Wave enabled devices such as lights and thermostats etc. The 3rd and final antenna in the 2 Gig alarm is a wireless receiver. This third antenna is the wireless receiver for wireless sensors and it accepts the Ademco 5800 series wireless and it can take DSE and Napco branded wireless security wireless equipment.

2 Gig Go Control Components

The first component is the quick set lock with wireless technology built-in. Once you arm your 2 Gig alarm your system will begin an automatic security countdown. It’ll shut off the lights that you program it to shut off, it will adjust your thermostat to a temperature setting for a vacant house and it will automatically lock the doors that are connected to the system. Another great feature with 2 Gig technologies is that when you enter your code and open the door lock the lock sends a signal to your alarm automatically disciplines and even turns on the light in my foyer for me. The second component is the go controller with a touchscreen and if you go to home services and go to switches you can see the status of each light you can go to can brighten it, you can dim it, turn it on, turn it off manually just like with many other more expensive home automation systems. Look at the thermostat this is a touchscreen thermostat you can see currently that your temperature is set to.

2 Gig Technologies iPad Interface

The next device is we also have an iPad interface which shows a screen of a camera that can be installed or multiple cameras.  Another component is what we call a wireless translator now this is great because if you currently have a security system and have wireless devices the wireless translator can take most manufactures wireless signals and convert them to a signal it’s compatible with the two gig controller other components can be a wireless keep up in window and door transmitter contacts the system the two gig system also features a full speech so when you open a window or door this system will speak the name of the opening the door like front door that you let’s look at example of wet how you can use the two gig system by pressing the away button on the key file as you’re leaving your home did you get system will notify you its arming.