The Airport Express, what is it you ask? It is a technologically advanced product that allows speedy wireless access. Equipped with a powerful 802.11n, this great piece of machinery can be used to power an entire home Wi-Fi network. It is at the same time increasingly portable, and thus can be easily carried around with you whenever you are on the go. Airport Express provides you with an abundance of features, which makes it quite useful.

When this powerful device is hooked up to your DSL or modem, then a number of users can enjoy its benefits.

  • They can easily surf the web, 
  • send mass emails and 
  • eliminate their targets in high action multiplayer games. 


Airport Express Features


  • This device features two great antennas and thus a highly advanced technology called MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple output) which can enable you to transmit a number of data-streams all at the same time. Data can also be transferred at very high and effective speeds. With its great 5GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, there is likely to be fewer distractions caused by cordless phones and other household appliances.


  • The Airport Express is great at providing you with a secure and speedy connection that can enable large file sharing. It completely alleviates the hassle of slow transmissions and allows movies, top quality photos and videos to be transferred with relative ease and without any problem at all. 



  • This great device uses Bonjour technology that completely eliminates the concerns of setting up a network. It finds MAC or other devices completely on its own. 



Use Airport Express to extend your existing wireless

Airport Express is also highly viable for all those users who want to extend the range of their wireless networkThe range of the primary base station can be extended with this facility used as a proper wireless bridge. One of the most beneficial features of the Airport Express is its sleek and compact size. This enables easy and speedy transport from one place to the other without any hassle of hauling weighty machinery around.

Other Airport features

  • If you are a music lover and cannot live with the carefully created music lists in iTunes then these can also be enjoyed wherever you go when this device is used with the iTunes program. 
  • The AirPlay facility makes it extremely easy to take music from the media library of iTunes and send it wirelessly to all the speakers as well as the stereos in your home

Setting up Airport Express for music

The Airport Express just needs to be plugged into electrical socket near the stereo you want to listen. And then, joined together with the audio cable separately. In the iTunes software, you can easily see which Airport Express device you want to play music to.

This facility can also be easily used to add music to the capabilities of the wireless network especially if it is in place. No prior connections are needed to be made to use the system. All you need is to connect the app to the electronic socket and see its wireless connections to your network with absolutely no work done at all.