Airport Extreme is the ultimate wireless access point that fulfills both the requirements of high speeds and a great degree of range. With the use of this product, all users can enjoy fast and secure access at home, in the office and at school without any kind of trouble at all. The product can work with two bands. These are the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz and are found in majority of the products. As the Airport Extreme works on both the bands, all the Apple devices then choose the band that works best giving you secure and speedy wireless access. All interference from household appliances along with cordless phones is usually kept at bay when this device is used.

MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Output) technology is used by this product to transmit numerous multiple data-streams. As a result, it transfers with a significant speed. With this speed, more than 40 people can use the internet at the same time. Using the built-in file sharing facility, files involving videos, pictures can be shared quite easily. Other unique features like printing and wireless storage are also found when using the system. Usually the privacy of a network is affected when guests are allowed to use the system. However, with the guest-networking feature, a separate Wi-Fi network can be created for your personal relatives and close friends. This will greatly ensure that all private information will be kept safe and completely secure.

This will be of great benefit as you can be assured that your own printer as well as other devices and attached drives will remain relatively secure. This will thus ensure that your primary network remains stable and secure.


Airport Extreme Compatiability


The Airport Extreme system is compatible with a range of Apple products. These include


    • PC’s and MAC’s along with numerous other wireless technologies such as the 


  • iPad, the 



  • iPod touch and the 



  • iPhone. 




Airport Extreme Setup steps


Airport Extreme is relatively easy to set up.


    1. In the first step, you need to create a new network by tapping the AirPort Base station. 


  • In the next step, all you need is to create a new and secure network by entering in a relevant and safe password and then tapping next in the device. 



  • After this step, you are clearly connected to a network. 



  • You will now be in a good position to tap the done button to easily transfer and share files with the new system.




More information on Setting up WiFi can be found clicking on the link.


Airport Extreme External Drive Option Feature


Another significant feature of this product is its ability to transform the external USB drive into a drive that can enable sharing with all the users on the internet as well as secure access. The Airport Disk in this regard can come quite in handy. It is one of the simplest and the most efficient ways to enable quick file sharing with all in the family. All what needs to be done is a connection of the powerful hard drive to the USB port and this can then enable the Airport Extreme to be connected. After this connection is made, all files that include videos, photos and other documents can be automatically shared across your wireless network.