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We’ve installed Lighting Systems throughout our 20+ year history and continually have looked for good products that we’d use in an installation or in our own home, the Alexa Light Bulb (aka: Smart Light) is just such a product. You can purchase an Alexa Light Bulb right here if you decide but first…. we want to offer you information about the product to help you make a fully informed decision.

In this article we’ll give you a quick explanation of the differences between a WiFi based Alexa Light Bulb and one requiring a Gateway or Hub; if you’ve not familiar with the differences you’ll want to read on. The differences very well may steer you away from one system and to the other.

Also, we are going to touch on Alexa “skills”. If you are not familiar with skills then a quick overview of this section will help you gain a greater understanding of Echo.

We’ll also explain how to setup the Alexa Smart Light Bulb and walk you through Step by Step how to connect Amazon Alexa to the Smart Light Bulb so you can enjoy many of the features of this automated technology


Where can I buy the Alexa Smart Light Bulb

You can buy it from our Amazon Store right here. We appreciate your business. We worked hard to make certain we only offer products we believe in and would use ourselves so click this banner and it will take you to our Amazon Page. Amazon warehouses the product for use and you enjoy Amazon’s amazingly good service and fast shipping.

Wifi Light Bulbs versus Gateway (Hub) Light Bulbs

This Alexa Light bulb connects directly to a Wifi Router in the same way your laptop or smart phone or any other wireless device does. And, its easy to connect too; you just need to know your Wifi password and setup is a snap. You don’t need to have Internet access to use the Alexa Smart Light Bulb inside your home or office but having Internet Service will allow you to control an Alexa Light Bulb from almost anywhere.

Gateway (Hub) based light bulbs are different. They require a separate box that connects then to your Wifi Router and the Light Bulb Connects to the Gateway. Here’s where it can get a little complicated; with hub based systems the wireless signal connectivity between the Gateway and the Lightbulb is a very short range; its a little bit like Bluetooth but compared against the wireless range of Wifi, the Gateway signal is a rather short distance. We work and test Gateway based systems in our own homes and unless you’ve put in a sufficient number of these devices throughout your house to create a “mesh” you can expect spotty performance from a Gateway based system. Now, if you already have a Gateway based system our Alexa Smart Light Bulb might not be what you need or are looking for; it’ll still work in your home or office just not as part of the Gateway system.

Do I need an app?

The Alexa Smart Light Bulb has a FREE app and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Can the Alexa Smart Light Bulb work just like a regular light?

Yes, absolutely. Just put the bulb in like any normal bulb and when you want to turn the light on it lights instantly (unlike cfl bulbs) but it has all the extra great features we’ll mention below

Just how energy efficient is the Alexa Smart Light Bulb?

Well, let’s just put it this way, the amount of light the Alexa Smart Light Bulb gives off is the same amount of light that of a 60 watt bulb but the Alexa Smart Light Bulb only use 7.5 watts of electricity. The Alexa Smart Light Bulb uses about 85% less electricity than a conventional 60 watt bulb.

How long does the Alexa Smart Light Bulb last?

Well, a conventional light bulb will last maybe around 2,000 hours and CFL quite a bit longer. The Alexa Smart Light Bulb will last around 20,000 hours or 10 times that of a conventional light bulb

Can I schedule days or times for Alexa Light Bulb to turn on and turn off?

Yes absolutely. We have the Alexa Smart Light Bulbs in our own homes and they turn on and off at preset times. What’s nice about tying it into the Amazon Echo is that when we need want to change the color or the light or brightness we dont have to reach for our smart phones, Alexa will quickly do it for us with a command such as, “Alexa, set Sitting Room to 10%” and she responds with a warm, “Ok” followed by an almost instantaneous change to the brightness of our Alexa Smart Light Bulb.

There are other scheduling features with the Smart Light via apps like ifttt such as you can program the Alexa Smart Light Bulb to perform different functions in relation to your location

What other Features does the Alexa Smart Light Bulb have?

Color Changes

You can change the color of the light to any among a million colors. Just look at the colors depicted in the app of the smartphone below or check out the review video (although we must admit, the camera taking the video doesnt pick up the colors as vividly as they appear in real life)

Lights that dance to the Music

There’s a music setting in our Smart Light app that uses your smartphone’s microphone to make the light bulb dance colors to the beat of the music. This is an amazing way to liven up a party and help set the mood.

Camera Color Match

If you want to set the color of your Alexa Smart Light Bulb to match and enhance a room the app has a built in color match feature. You simply turn on the camera match feature in the room you want to enhance and snap the color phone. The app will then turn the light bulb’s color to help enhance the room’s decor.

What are Alexa Skills and how do they impact me?

Simply put, if a smart light doesn’t have a Skill loaded into Amazon Echo’s Alexa’s database Alexa can’t control it. Our Alexa Smart Light Bulb has the skill and you can view this short video clip to see the proof

How do I connect Amazon’s Echo-Alexa to the Smart Light Bulb

This video below will take you Step by Step through the process of connecting Alexa to the Smart Light Bulb so that Alexa will control the light using your voice commands. The video is short, to the point and is designed to be watched the moment you are ready to make the connection; it does not contain any fluff talk. Its 100% Step by step and nothing else.W

What happens if I need Customer Service after I purchase my Alexa Smart Light Bulb.

After you buy Alexa Smart Light Bulb…We want to help, simply email us at: and give us a few hours and we will respond. If you’d like us to call you and help you with the setup over the telephone then simply give your number and the best time to call and we will do our best. We can even support you via text messaging if you prefer

Review & Setup Tips for the Alexa Smart Light Bulb