This automatic light switch is actually a programmable motorized timer that you easily install by simply screwing it onto a light switch, a lever style, single pole light switch. It is not designed to work with decora style paddle switches. Please take a moment and view this short video demonstration of the automatic light switch timer turning on the light at a pre-programmed time. After the video is the remainder of a review on this product.

We like this product alot and feel it solves a basic problem many people are looking to solve.

Programming the automatic light switch 

This automatic light switch is designed so you can set as few as one on and off time and up to nine on and off times. You can easily set different times for different days of the week, Sun through Saturday. It does not however permit the programming of a specific calendar date, if you program an on and off time for a Monday then the automatic light switch will turn that one light switch on every Monday until you change the program or remove the device from the light switch.

We found programming the timer for the 1st time proved a little bit challenging for two reasons. One, we found the instruction print size to be unusually small and therefore difficult to read. Second, we felt the instructions maybe could have been written better, less confusing.


Setting up this product, once you’ve completed the programming, doesn’t take longer than a minute or so. All you need it a smaller sized screw driver to remove one of the existing screws that secures your light switch face plate to your existing light switch. Once that screw is removed you simply open the flip down door on the automatic light switch, locate the small shiney metal screw that’s concealed by that flip down door and line it up with the hole from the faceplate screw you first removed, then screw it on, that’s it.


The Automatic light switch requires two AA batteries to power the built-in timer and built-in motor that’s used to turn your light switch on and off at the times you preset.We recommend you program this device before you install it because it’s easier to perform the programming first. There is a reset button you can use if you’ve made a programming mistake and just want to start over.


Also, you may want to consider testing the operation a few days in advance of when you will actually rely on the device to begin working at the exact times you specify; we found we made a simple but critical programming mistake that caused our test lights not to come on during our first round tests. For additional information on Home Automation click here.