Tips for Fixing Baby Monitor Interference

Wireless baby monitors generally transmit in 1 of 3 wireless frequencies: 900, 2.4 or 5.8.  The 900 range, although still in use today, had its height in popularity at the time cordless telephones first came available on the market. The 900 range is a crowded, noisey range and depending on how close you live to neighbors (apartment building versus a farm) you will likely experience some disruption in the signal. The 2.4 range is a little bit more reliable but it is also the most widely used. Many cordless home telephones and computer routers use this range thus making it the most crowded. The 5.8 range will probably prove to be the most costly and also the most reliable. Although more and more devices are using the 5.8 range its still the best bet to avoid interference.


Not everyone fully understands the basics of how a baby monitor works. Sometimes people complain about baby monitor interference but they lack the knowledge of fixing the problem. Baby monitors work on the principles of a radio, they have a transmitter that works on a particular frequency and if any other frequency matches with it, it will result in interference in your baby monitor. Getting rid of baby monitor interference is simple, here are some simple tips that can help you get solve the problem largely. You can learn more about Baby Monitor frequencies here.

Choose a Baby Monitor that does not interfere with Wifi:

Before you go out to choose a baby monitor, it is necessary to check the frequency at which your home appliances work. Most of the time, wireless gadgets as cordless phones, wifi routers etc. can cause interference in the baby monitor by mixing and matching frequencies. Therefore, if your baby monitor is at a different frequency, you will not be facing the problem of noise etc. in the monitor.

Change the Channel to avoid interefence with electronics:

Baby monitors by fisher price and Graco mostly come in with at least six to eight different channels, it is better to go for such a monitor even if it is a little expensive. This is because if you face problems like baby monitor interference, you can simple change the channel of your monitor and can make adjustments according to the new frequency. If your baby monitor does not allow you to switch between channels, you can try changing the frequency of your other home devices i.e. if your router is causing the trouble, try looking for an alternative channel for it through your computer.

Switch off other electronics Devices:

If the channel changing technique fails, you can always go for switching off other wireless devices while the baby monitor is on. In some case, you may not get any interference if you switch on the wireless home appliances; a couple of minutes after you switch on the baby monitor. It is a hit and trial method, what might have worked for one model of baby monitor may fail completely in another model. Thus, you will have to be very patient while switching the gadgets on and off.

Look for a Digital Baby Monitor:

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B004VL2VRO” cloaking=”default” height=”75″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” popups=”default” tag=”wwwallabouc00-20″ width=”160″]The problem of baby monitor interference is mostly faced in analog monitors, therefore if you have the right budget, it would be a great idea to exchange your analog baby monitor with a digital one. However, be sure to switch on the digital monitor only when you actually want to use it since there are chances that your neighbors might pick on the frequency of the monitor and listen to the conversation you are having at that time. Buying a baby monitor with camera can also be helpful since it will allow you to see your little one as he sleeping in his cot, thus giving you a metal satisfaction that your baby is right in front of your eyes.

Questions & Answers – Answering questions we are asked.

1.  Can you get interference on Baby Monitors when switched off? Yes. Signal noise can be induced onto the wiring circuits internal to a Baby Monitor from a source outside the monitor but in close proximity to the monitor. This interference would typically present itself through the speaker by way of static or feedback noise.

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