In designing the Sound Dock for iPod BOSE engineers first had to decide to build the best docking speaker system for an iPod. After a lot of research and development effort Bose engineers were able to come up with a sound dock system for iPod where the sound quality was exceptionally high and it fits into a very small package.

Sound Dock 10 – Sound Quality

The Bose sound dock was engineered and created from the ground up. The Sound Dock 10 system has numerous proprietary technologies built into the single package. The sound dock 10 has an incredibly sturdy woofer. As well the engineers at BOSE re-designed the waveguide system taken from prior technologies to really accentuate sound. This produces very strong low notes and impactful bass. The tweeters used in the sound dock 10, there are two of them and they are capable of producing both the mid-range and the high range frequencies.

bose sounddock 10 digital ipod music systemSystem Features

The system has a video output and an auxiliary input so you can use it with other sources including the capability to use future sources. This Sound Dock 10 was designed with an interchangeable docking system. It can work with many emerging music devices.

Blue Tooth

The first is the optional Bluetooth doc which lets you listen to your stereo Bluetooth phone wirelessly.


The sound dock 10 digital music system is something you have to hear with your own ears to believe how good the sound can be.