Generally speaking there are three types of burglar alarms. The most basic form a burglar alarm system is a part of wired burglar alarm system. Each component of the burglar alarm system has a wire running from that component back to the motherboard. This requires the installer to go into the attic or the basement to drill holes in pull wires from 1. To another point. This is a very reliable system. This system takes a lot of work and should be installed by a professional installe

Hardwire Burglar Alarm Keypad

Hardwired Burglar Alarm System

With the hardwired burglar alarm system each device incorporated into the system requires a wire connecting the device to the central motherboard. While these systems can be retrofitted into an existing structures it’s typically best the wiring is run during the construction phase. When installed properly the wired burglar alarm system is the most reliable.

Wireless Burglar Alarm System

Alexor Wireless Burglar Alarm System

The most common type of alarm system today is a wireless alarm system. A wireless alarm system is easy to install and requires less maintenance than the name implies. Wireless door and window transfer transmitters are fastened to doors and windows. Wireless motion sensors are located in rooms of the house. In keypads are located in various rooms of the house. Keypads can be wireless. Keypads do require power. Some keypads are operated off of batteries. Depending on the features that are programmed into the keypad will determine the batteries life. If the Chime feature is used in a wireless keypad powered by batteries the keypad will not operate for more than a few months. Wireless keypads can be placed on tabletops and night stands. Wireless keypads can be installed with a separate Power Supply that plugs into a wall receptacle. Typical Wireless Systems today and work in the 400 frequency range this frequency range has an outdoor unobstructed range of about 1 mile. Wireless Systems are what are considered supervise. Supervise wireless and systems will run checks and balances on itself. A supervise wireless mother board will send a signal to a wireless transmitter checking to make sure the transmitter is still there. When the transmitter receives that signal it will send a signal back to the motherboard indicating it’s still there and functioning correctly. Today’s Wireless Systems use lithium batteries. Sometimes these batteries are the size of a watch battery. Sometimes these batteries on the size of a AAA batteries. Generally these batteries last around 3 to 5 years. The key pad will notify the alarm user when the batteries to be changed. As well if the alarm is professionally monitored the monitoring station will receive the signal when a specific battering needs to be changed.

Review of the DSC Alexor Wireless System

2Gig Integrated Burglar AlarmThe third type of burglar alarm system is what is called an integrated alarm. But it’s a great alarm performs multiple functions beyond that of a burglar alarm. Integrated alarm systems will have a burglar alarm feature built in, on Automation System feature built in, and a GSM cellular communication feature built in,. The reason the Automation System might be built in is because when the homeowner is coming home they might want the air conditioning turn on or turn off. When the user does farms the Security System the thermostat is automatically adjusted. Additionally, lights can be added to the Automation Systems so that when the homeowner comes home disarms the system lights are turned on or off automatically based on the programming of the system. The GSM feature allows for the alarm signals to be sent via wireless cellular telephone communication networks. A common thought about older style burglar alarms is that burglars will cut the telephone line. This has led in part to the proliferation of GSM cellular network alarm transmission technology. The GSM cellular network communication technology however typically pass to be dedicated to the burglar Automation System and no other function.