If you are looking for a way to set your system apart from your friends’, then you may want to consider customizing the look of it with the Calibur 11 MLG Vault for Xbox 360.

As you can see, the MLG Vault radically changes the appearance of your Xbox 360. It offers a nice, crisp, smooth digital camouflage finish.  Additionally, the mask on the side connects to your Xbox 360 via USB to give you an even more customized look as the eyes light up in the traditional colors of Major League Gaming, red and blue. The LED lights can be set to one of eight different modes across three separate styles; solid, fading, or pulse. This feature makes it not only unique, but gives an added bit of the ol’ “cool factor” to your Xbox 360.

The MLG Vault is easy to assemble, taking only approximately 5 minutes to go from box to fully assembled. Unlike a lot of cases for the Xbox 360 that require you to remove part of the casing, this one fits
over your console which means that you won’t void your warranty by using it. The folks at Calibur 11 also used smart, forward thinking by leaving an opening on the back of the Vault to leave the fan vent uncovered, which is absolutely critical to your system’s survival.

Additional features include custom nameplates (you may have noticed the holes in the case below the disc tray in the above picture, this is where custom nameplates go,) sturdy “feet” to ensure your system doesn’t tip over, and a handy rack on the back of the unit that was designed to hang your controller on for easy storage (and it also works great for your headset!)

Finally, the Calibur 11 MLG Vault for Xbox 360 offers you protection. It helps prevent dings and scratches on the outer surface of your console, which is critical not only to a pristine look, but later resale value as well.

The price for the MLG Vault comes in at about $90, the same as all of Calibur 11’s themed Vaults. They do have non-themed Vaults for $30 less, but they don’t offer all of the features of the themed vaults, such as the LED displays or just the overall “cool factor” mentioned earlier.

The only real drawback we could find to this particular accessory was that it only fits the Xbox 360 Slim, not the original Xbox 360 console. Still, if you have an Xbox 360 Slim, you really cannot go wrong with the Calibur 11 MLG Vault when it comes to customization. It is well built, durable, adds convenient storage, protects your investment, and just flat out looks cool.