The Chamberlain CWA 2000 wireless motion alert is a simple device you can install yourself to alert you if people entry your property. If houses in your neighborhood occasionally have toilet paper thrown in the trees, or if people are entering your property at night or even during the day without your knowledge or even worse if there are burglaries occurring in your neighborhood or adjacent neighborhoods the Chamberlain CWA 2000 wireless motion alert will detect their presence and alert you to someone being on your property.

If you want peace of mind or you want to find out what is happening on your property you can do it affordably with the Chamberlain CWA 2000 Wireless Motion Alert.

Chamberlain CWA 2000 Range

This sensor can detect movement of 30 feet away the sensor can transmit that signal to a base unit up to 1/2 mile away. The Chamberlain CWA 2000 is expandable up to a total of four sensors.

Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Installation.

Installation occurs in four simple steps:

Step One –  Install the batteries.

Step Two – Program the sensor.

Step Three – Mount the sensor.

Step Four – Plug in the base unit.

The main unit can have a total of four sensors installed and the base unit, when it signifies an alarm condition, the number of beeps tells you which sensor was activated. For example if you hear one beep that tells you sensor number one has been activated. If you purchase a second, third or fourth sensor then the main unit will beep based on the number of sensors you have. For example if Sensor number three is tripped the main unit will be three times.

Chamberlain CWA 2000 Portability

The Chamberlain CWA 2000 is portable. You can take it to the boathouse, your ranch, and even the campground. The Chamberlain motion alert works in both urban and suburban areas