Here we’ll outline one simple option for connecting this Sharp Aquos TV with this  Spectre soundbar.

This is one simple option for connecting a Sceptre Sound bar to a Sharp Aquos TV. The connections on the backside of sound bars are different from one brand to the next as well as between different models within a same brand.

In order to make the connection as outlined in this article the connection cable you will need to have on hand, or purchase, is a stereo to RCA cable (depicted below). This cable has the single connector on one end with 2 black circles at its tip (not just 1 black circle) and on the other end the typical Red/White RCA plugs.

Connect Spectre Sound Bar to Sharp Aquos TV

The Stereo end of the cable is plugged into the Head Phone output jack on the back of the TV. The Red/White RCAs are plugged into the corresponding RED/WHITE inputs on the back of the Soundbar. Once this connection is made and both the TV and Soundbar are turned on you’ll need to select the correct input on the Soundbar in order to hear audio.