The Control4 Remote is reliable, easy to use power in the palm of your hand. Control4 is a brand of equipment which is scale-able, allowing you to grow the system as your needs require and you can begin by simply controlling the TV equipment in your living room.

The Control4 Remote Control system operates through your existing Home Wi-Fi computer network system which means it’s a stable platform compared to stand alone RF Universal All in One Remote Controls.


What Control 4 equipment will you need to buy?

To begin by controlling just the TV equipment in one room of your home you’re going to need to a Control 4 Controller and a Control4 remote control. This system is great if you have more than one remote sitting on your coffee table right now however, this is not a DIY system. If you want this system is must come from an authorized trained dealer who also does the installation and setup for you. But, if you’re willing to invest a little more money than a DIY remote you’ll likely be very happy you did.

What is the Control4® Home Controller Module?

Control4 HC 200 Controller

The affordable Control4®Home Controller HC-200 adds intelligent one-room, home theater or small-system control to any home. For about the same price as a typical universal remote, you’ll enjoy the same features plus on-screen interface and the ability to control lighting, distributed audio, security, HVAC, energy management and more. It can also be used as a primary controller to boost performance in smaller systems. The compact design makes it easy to mount in a rack or behind a TV so you can enjoy the power of on-screen control virtually anywhere.This product is great for one-room systems

  • This system uses Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi making it ideal for any installation
  • This is a fantastic option over standard universal remotes.
  • A small screen on the remote control helps you function your TV equipment more easily

What is the Control4 System Remote Control?

Control4 SR 250 Remote

  • This is a very easy to use remote control that allows you easy, one remote control of all your TV equipment in one room.
  • Activity based buttons are programmed to allow you to only need to press one button for watching TV or one button for listening to music. It’s really that simple.
  • 2-Way communication between the remote control in your hands and the TV equipment makes this a very stable platform comparable to other Universal All In One Remote Controls
  • Because of the Remotes Wi-Fi capability you no longer have to worry about pointing the remote directly at your TV or if your TV equipment is behind a cabinet door the remote still works.
  • Best of All you can expand the system to control lights, HVAC, security, etc. as you desire



The Control4 brand remote control system is a stable all in one universal remote control that allows you to control all the TV equipment in one room of your home. This system is a little more pricey than DIY remote and must be professionally installed.