Domain Name Service Security Cameras



This article will explain everything you’ll want to know about Domain Name Service and how setting it up lets you stay in contact with your security camera system either installed at your home or your business.


Domain Name Service and IP addresses

Simply stated, a Domain Name Service automatically keeps track of the IP address at your home or office. To understand how this happens we have to understand a little bit about IP addresses.

Essentially, every device be they computer, tablet PC, Smart TV, server etc all have their own IP addresses on a network. The IP address is very similar in concept to regular postal mail service; when an address is affixed to a letter the postal service and carrier know exactly which address to deliver that mail. IP addresses work nearly identical with each being a specific long sequence of numbers that identify a given device on a network such as a Home Computer Network.

IP addresses can either be DYNAMIC or STATIC meaning the IP addresses changes periodically or it rarely ever changes, respectively. The vast majority of IP addresses are DYNAMIC, they change often. Whether it’s hourly, daily, monthly or other, a dynamic IP address is difficult to keep track without using specific techniques like Domain Name Service (DNS). In this case the technique we’re describing is the Domain Name Service used specifically for a security camera system.

Domain Name Service and your Security Cameras

When you log into your camera system using your smart phone or computer what you’re really doing is connecting with an IP address, in this case, the Security Camera DVR. Often times because your Internet Service Provider changes the IP address of homes or businesses when you are traveling, if you don’t know the new IP address become impossible to log into your Security Cameras. This is where the Domain Name Service comes into play.

A Security Camera feature that is available in many DVRs today supports Domain Name Service. The user can setup an account at the Domain Name Server provider’s computer server. Once the account is established the information is then programmed into the security camera DVR. Regularly the Security Camera System will report it’s IP address to the computer server hosting the Domain Name Service. This way you can always know your IP address at the location of your camera system.

Additional technical information on Domain Name Service and how it works with other Home Electronics can be found here.