The EOS digital wireless multi room audio system can be used to easily fill your whole home with great sounding music. Music that follows you from room to room, upstairs, downstairs inside and out, EOS is the world’s first digital wireless multi-room audio system for iPod. With EOS you can blanket your home with rich sounding audio, all over and all wirelessly.

Unlike other wireless systems EOS is digital, there is never any static or interference. And the coverage is fantastic. Now you can easily install a wireless whole home music system.

You can put an EOS in your family room, EOS in your dining room, EOS in your bedroom, EOS in your kitchen. And you can even put EOS on your outdoor kitchen patio. With the EOS system you can add great sounding digital interference free audio anywhere inside your home. EOS will work in up to five areas of your home. And because EOS is wireless it is perfect for apartments and condos and even businesses.

EOS – Installation and Setup

With EOS there are no walls to tear up to run complicated wiring for setup. All you have to do is just plug it in and EOS plays your favorite audio. Because the integrated power supply allows the EOS to hang on the wall there’s no need for mounting brackets.

Here is how to set up EOS.

Step 1: Plug in your base station transmitter.

Step 2: Drop in your iPod and hit play. You have the option to plug in an alternate audio source using the auxiliary audio input jack on the back. You can listen to a CD player, a home stereo, satellite television, or whatever other source you would like.

Step 3: Next you want to plug in an EOS wireless speaker into an electrical receptacle. Once you have plugged the unit plugged in turn it on. And what is really great is EOS has an integrated power supply. Step 4: Now move to the next room and do the same thing.

EOS – Range and Expansion

You can plug in up to four speakers with a range of up to 150 feet away. Four bookshelf or tabletop use just remove the integrated power supply from the back of the speaker and plug it into an electrical receptacle.

EOS – Sound Quality

EOS speakers produce great sound too. Both the egos base station and the wireless speakers feature a powerful stereo amplifier. Combined with two tweeters and on integrated sub-woofer and SRS surround sound