With so many handheld GPS systems in the market, it has become very difficult to make the right choice; most of the GPS have the same specification but different prices, which can easily confuse the customers. Therefore, it may be a good idea to research and do a handheld GPS comparison in order to make a better a choice when it comes to buying GPs systems. Here are some of the well-rated GPS systems along with their specifications and price ranges to give you an idea as to what is available in the market.

Magellan Meridian GPS:

The Magellan Meridian is probably one of the most affordable GPS systems available on the market, with a price of only $ 150, this GPS system allows you to search for locations almost anywhere within the United States. It comes in with a 2 MB RAM and has maps of all the intercity locations, roads and highways. Along with this, you are given an addition CD called the Map Send that allows you to upload and save larger quantities of maps in high definition. The Magellan Meridian GPS has the capacity to track 12 satellites at one time and it comes in with eight different screens to ensure that you are never lost while travelling around.

Garmin Venture HC:

The Garmin venture HC is different from other GPS systems because it has a colored screen that is sunlight readable, thus you do not have to worry about running out of batteries. It comes with a USB cable that allows you to load maps and transfer routes, checkpoints and other details from your computer into the navigation system. The Garmin Venture does support Topo maps but you will have to buy them separately. Along with this, like the Magellan Meridian, it has eight different types of screens with colored display of all the information needed for your guidance. The retail price of this GPS system is around $ 170, although the exact price may vary depending on the model you are choosing.

Garmin Oregon:

When doing Handheld GPS comparison, you must always have a look at one of the few handheld touch screen GPS systems. The Garmin Oregon is one of those few systems that do not only have a touch screen but also the ability to show you aerial, bird’s eye view of your location. The advance tracking and navigation system found in this devise allows you to search for hotels and locations to plan your holidays in places outside United States as well. In addition to all this, it also has an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter that makes sure that you are never lost on direction. The Garmin Oregon has a price range from $ 225 to $ 260 depending on the model, but it is a must-have for all those techno lovers out there.

While having a handheld GPS comparison, it may be a good idea to set your priorities first and then short list a few devises to compare, so that your search becomes accurate and you do not get confused by the amount of products available on the market