InVision optics wireless intercom system with video is a sleek design with quality sound and images. No longer do you have to open up the door to see who is at your front door. Rather, you can who see is at your front door via a portable hand held controller. You can carry this handheld unit with you anywhere you go in your home. You can even take it with you into the backyard but still know who’s at your front door.

How the Wireless 2 -Way Intercom Operates

When a visitor presses the push button on the camera at the front door special ring tones can be heard from the handheld unit. The camera image from the front door also appear on the LCD screen monitor. One the handheld unit a moving image of that visitor will appear on the screen for 10 seconds followed by a still image This still image is then stored in memory.

The off and answer buttons will blink slowly and the property owner will then press the answer button to talk to the visitor for up to 60 seconds. You can then press the off button to finish the conversation. 

Does iVision work when you aren’t home?

And even if you are not at home  ivision can capture images of who is ever at your front door. This is because the video images are automatically recorded each time a visitor presses the doorbell press. And, each image has a time and date stamp that indicates when the visitor came to your house. The system can store up to 163 images. 

Limitations of the 2-way Intercom with video

The transmission range is 300 feet assuming you have a clear line of sight. The video images are displayed in color during the daytime but at night when the light levels drop the camera vision switches to black-and-white using the built-in infrared illuminators

iVision 2-way wireless intercom features


The portable LCD display unit has a number of available features.

  1. The LCD display itself is a 2.25 inch color monitor. 
  2. The answer talk button is used to accept incoming calls. 
  3. There is also a snap button which is to take a picture of the camera view. 
  4. And a browse button if you want to instantly look at the camera live.
  5. The scroll button allows you to select menu items. 
  6. There is a brightness button to adjust the image
  7. a play button helps you playback recorded images as well. 
  8. There’s an off button 
  9. and as well there’s a built-in microphone. 
  10. The camera base, which installs outside adjacent to your door, has a built-in camera and a pushbutton doorbell. It also has a built-in speaker and a built-in microphone. 
  11. The camera angle can be adjusted 15° left or right and both up and down. The angle adjustments are made simply by opening up the base and making the adjustment. 

Charging the batteries of the 2-way wireless intercom

And, last but not least, the charging cradle for the handheld unit can be free standing on the counter or mounted to a wall