One of the most attractive features of iTunes is Home Share. With this technology, users are provided with the ability to transfer countless videos, music, apps, TV shows. This can be done up to five or more computers in a single household. Using your apple ID, you must first set up Home Share on all computers for easy communication. This great feature gives you the ability to share and stream music between different music libraries and transfer your media files from one authorized computer to the other.

Use of Home Share with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (2nd 3rd generation) and iPod Touch

Home Share enables to stream TV shows, movies, music videos and songs through this facility to their particular gadget. However, to do this, again the facility has to be first installed in the device you have using the same Apple ID.

How to Setup Home Share

To go about this, you have to:

  1. first go in the advanced menu, click on the Home Sharing button
  2. and then enter the relevant Apple ID and password to start using the facility. However, 
  3. to correctly use the facility amongst several devices or computers, the most important thing to remember is that the same Apple ID must be entered. If different ID’s are entered and then the facility is installed on each device, you will not be able to stream or transfer any media at all.
  4. The copy of iTunes must be updated and authorized on every device as well. If it does not have any proper authorization then when the facility is installed it will make this happen automatically to show you that you are at the 5-computer limit for use of the feature. 
  5. After the Home Share has been installed then the next step involves complete access to each of computer’s music library. Using the import button, all the files in each library can be copied and transferred from one device or computer to the other efficiently and cost-effectively without any hassle. 

The newest and most technologically advanced iTunes 10.2 gives all MAC users an added benefit. It can wake them up automatically when the shared library is accessed.

Setting up on the iOS 4.3

To set up the facility on your iOS device, all you need is to

  1. go on the settings on the iPod. 
  2. The Apple ID and password can then be entered on the home sharing section. In the next step, you can set up the streaming of all your files. 
  3. To stream the latest music on the iPhone 4, the iPod app can be run and then you can press on More and Shared. You can choose from the list of libraries that spring up. 

Similarly, if movies are to be streamed, then again you need to focus on the device. Both video and audio content will be listed well in all of the shared libraries. One of the best features yet, this facility allows a lot of space to be saved on your device letting you download more cool apps while leaving all the videos, music and movies on your computer. How to work Apple TV