You’re online right now so why not turn your online time into a way to make some extra money? If you have ever helped someone you know with their Electronics or if you are really good with a particular gadget keep reading. You might be surprised to discover how often people request help with a Home Electronics gadget.

Hours & Pay

A Virtual Tech Helper makes money helping people virtually, using your phone or computer, from anywhere. A Virtual Tech Helper is an independent contractor gig which means you set your own fees, days and hours and, you can pause your offering while you are away. You keep 80% of the fee you set (ie: $25 for up to 15 minutes of your time but you decide your fee)

When you setup your Virtual Tech Helper profile our platform we’ll do the rest… from communication notification to you and payment distribution. Plus, you will be in direct communications with the customer and you will manage your calendar, followup, etc all from the ease of your computer or mobile device.

How to Market your Service

Some requests for help come into our platform automatically. As well, you can use Social Media to market your offering(s), and you may set up just one offering or multiple offerings.

How do you get started?

Head to our Home Page and Create your free account and follow the prompts. Be certain to post a clear photo of yourself as it’s required and post a clear description of your Offering. We’ll review your profile during the approval process.

Here are some ideas:

Nintendo Switch help

Gaming Coach (ie: fortnite)

XBox or Playstation help

TV set up


Mobile Phones and Devices

Computers & Wifi