Although every experience in the buying process is unique we are convinced if you follow these 10 simple tips to Buy a Burglar Alarm you can enjoy both a reliable security system and savings.

Security System Buying Tips:

1.  Check with the BBB. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints on file. Smaller local companies might not always have the same number of complaints compared to larger higher volume companies.

2.  Make Multiple Appointments. While getting 3 bids takes time it could also save you alot of money. Plus, different brands of alarms have different features and some features might be very appealing to you.

3.  Get Multiple Bids. Tell all 3 sales reps that you are getting other bids. When a company knows they are competing against other companies they will often be ready to negotiate a lower price for you.

4.  Ask the Sales Rep about their training and experience. This information will help you understand how experienced the sales person is and what kind of turn over the company experiences. A well trained alarm sales person not only will help you buy a reliable security system but help you save money too if you ask them.

5.  Review Contracts. Ask the Sale Rep to review the fine print with you on the back of the contract. The fine print on the contract is there for a reason and it also could could cost you more money if you don’t pay close attention. When the sales rep is there ask them to review the terms, front and back, on the contract. Sometimes you might be surprised at what you discover.

6.  Do not sign a contract at the first appointment. The price can always come down later. Usually a sales rep is paid some type, if not 100%, of commission. They want to make the sale and if they have to lower your price to get a deal done a good sales rep will help you get a lower price.

7.  Ask about specifics. Ask each sales rep to point out specific features that makes their product better then a competitive product. Then ask them which features make a competitive product better. Some alarm brands offer a lot of features in their entry level product when compared with competitors but too many to list here. We recommend you ask about them, you might get a free upgrade or discount just by asking.

8.  Ask about system weaknesses.  Ask about the vulnerabilities in their system and monitoring service. Monitoring services are either UL listed or they aren’t. Ask about their UL certification, number of monitoring facilities, and how can the system be disabled.

9.  Will they sell off your contract to a bigger firm?  If they do you can usually get a better deal if they know you know this. Companies don’t want you to know this but, when a company sells off your contract they make alot more money. Knowing this will help you negotiate a better price.

10. Always Counter Offer.  Be prepared to make a counter offer and ask for a lower price on the monitoring service. If their monitoring service price is, for example, $35 per month (or $25 or $40) they have plenty of room to negotiate that price. Ask for a better price.