Antenna - VCR - TV Connection Diagram

We do not promise that this configuration will work with the equipment you already own, equipment from different manufacturers are made differently and therefore might not work.

The benefits of connecting an antenna to a VCR an old TV

This allows you to watch one TV program live and record a different program simultaneously.

What Materials you will need to connect an antenna to two converters

Naturally you’ll want a good over the air antenna and coax cable; RG6 is a preferred Coaxial cable but other cables could work too, such as RG59 or RJ6 Quad Shield. Often you can purchase these at local retailers or online.

Make sure your TV has a Yellow, Red, White input and use this cable to connect one of your converters to the TV. Connect the other converter to the TV using the coax cable (we have to assume you know how to operate your particular brand of TV)

From the Coax lead connected to the antenna connect an appropriate splitter to connect to both converters as depicted in the diagram.

How to Use this Setup

Because you now have two sources connected to your TV (converter 1 and converter 2) you can select whichever input you want to view on the TV; either live antenna TV or you can switch to recorded VCR TV