We were listening to a radio program one day and a guest on the radio program noted that a lot of people like to rent movies but don’t know how to rent them online and play them on their big screen TV. Actually, its reasonably simple. In this article we’re going to list the things you need in order to rent online movies and stream them to your big screen high def TV. We’ve also posted our YouTube video in this article on the topic.

Equipment & Service you need to rent online movies and watch them on your HDTV.

  1. We assume you already have a big screen HDTV. One note however, the TV needs to have at least one available HDMI input. If you don’t already have such a TV then make sure you buy what’s called a “smart TV,” it’ll have the ability to stream online movies built-in.
  2. High speed Internet Access service. The faster the service the better because streaming an online movie to your HDTV takes a lot of data, the faster the Internet service the more likely the movie will stream to your HDTV in a smooth way.
  3. A stream device such: Google Chromecast (seen below), AppleTV, or Roku. In our opinion, probably the best route for a novice is the Google Chromecast because it plugs straight into the back of the TV and works with your existing PC, or Smart Phone or Tablet.
  4. A service from which to rent your movies. Chances are good you are familiar with YouTube, its nearly the largest Social Media / Search Engine / Video streaming source on the plant. Therefore, its safe to say, YouTube has a rock solid grip on Video Streaming technology thus making their service a very realiable source for renting online movies.

Our summary for renting and streaming online movies to your big screen hdtv?

Buy a Google Chromecast. Download the Chromecast app & YouTube app for your smart phone, pc or tablet and start streaming.