The cause of your Internet Connection going out could result from any number of conditions. In this article we’ll show you 3 quick tips for identifying the source of Internet Connection problems and what you might be able to do to reset your Internet connection.

Troubleshoot & Reset your Internet Connection in 3 steps

We’ve formulated this 3 step plan for troubleshooting Internet connection problems after years of working with a lot of people who experienced Internet connection problems themselves and from our own personal experience with Internet Connection problems. What we’ve found is, this is a reliable set of steps to follow to help you more quickly troubleshoot and correct Internet connection problems.

1.  When trouble shooting your internet connection check to see if your TV or home phone is working?

If you have cable internet service check to see if you have a working TV signal

Because DSL usually comes from the phone company check to see if you have a working home phone dial tone, if you do this is a good indicator the Internet Connection problem is something else.

If you have cable TV turn on a TV and see if favorite programming can be viewed.

In either case if you don’t have working dial tone or a signal on your TV you’ll need to check with your Internet Service Provider to see if they are aware of any local Internet Service Connection outage problems in your area and working to correct the problem.

2.  Look at your Internet Modem to see if the ONLINE connection light is illuminated.

Look at your Internet Modem to see if the online light is illuminated

Every Internet Modem we’ve seen or worked with has an indicator light, similar to the one pictured above that, when illuminated tells you Internet Connection is active at least up to that point in your network system. If however that light is off like its off in the photo above this indicates something is wrong with either your incoming Internet Connection service of perhaps your Internet modem.

3.  Cycle the power on all your Internet Connection devices in the proper order

How to reset your Internet Connection

In many situations you simply need to unplug your Internet Connection equipment and then plug each device back in, in the proper order, give us a moment to explain.

Your Internet Connection Service, essentially, is nothing more then little tiny packets of data being passed back and forth from inside your home to somewhere in the world; its sort of like a ping pong ball; sometimes the ping pong ball is missed, breaks, gets stepped on, etc. And in that case you simply get a new ping pong ball.

With your Internet Connection service however you simply recycle the power. In the photo above you see numbers: 1, 2 and 3 because in this example we have 3 devices that require power recycled in order to reset our Internet Service. Number 1 is the actual Internet Connection modem, #2 is a VOIP telephone device that basically passes the Internet service on to device #3, the Internet Connection Wifi router.

What you’d want to do to reset is plug the power back into device #1 first and then, to be sure, wait about a minute before plugging in the next device and so on. After you’ve successfully recycled the power on all of your Internet Connection devices you should see the ONLINE light illuminate and then you can reconnect to the Internet.