iGrill - Grilling food thermometer Bluetooth App

You Grill. I grill. We all grill. The question is, are you at the very top of your grill game? Chances are good you are but what about when you have a few friends over?

You want your friends to have a good time and a great meal. You want their food to be grilled to perfection. You even want to have a good time yourself but it’s a lot of work to entertain and get the food prepared just right. Why not put that smart phone to good use when grilling too?

Ok …so maybe you’re reading and thinking, “but I don’t grill.”  You probably know someone who loves to grill though. We love to grill and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to check out this hot little gadget aptly names, “iGrill”.  Did we really just write the words app and “hot”. How cheesy. “Oh, yes, a slice of Swiss on my medium well done burger please. No it’s that one back there in the back. Nope, that one to the right. (You’re getting the idea)

What exactly does iGrill do?

iGrill AppiGrill measures the change of temperature as your food is cooking on the grill and notifies you exactly, via wireless Bluetooth to your iPhone, Android or iPad, when your food is done. This gadget helps you not worry so much as food cooks on the grill and spend a little more time on guests and preparation of other parts of your meal plan.

What’s included with iGrill?

iGrill provides you everything you need right out of the box.Two temperature probes which you stick into the food you are grilling. These probes are connected to the iGrill device that’s powered by the 4 supplied AA batteries. And of course, the app you load onto your smart phone or tablet device. They even supply the easy to follow instruction manual.

How do you use the iGrill?

Insert the 4 AA batteries and turn iGrill on   Download the App onto your phone or tablet and pair with your iGrill   Set the temperature level alert and insert probes into you Grill food. Grill with confidence.


    • Meats are expensive – How can iGrill help make the most of your grocery budget?




  • Maybe you’ve thought by now you can’t think of a reason to have or gift the iGrill. We’ve compiled a list for you of times when iGrill might come in handy.



  •  Tailgating. You know how much everyone loves to roam around and talk or throw the ball. You also know how easy it is to get distracted or lose track of time. iGrill will help you not lose track of your food on the grill.



  • Different cuts of meat need different cooking times. A thick steak takes longer than a thinner steak. You pay a lot of money for those great cuts of meat and with iGrill you can be more perfect more often. It’s like insurance for your costly grill meat.



  • At home you are the master griller. You decide to have a few friends over and the grill is part of the party. But there are other things that are part of the party like games in the yard or games on TV. Maybe that big play has everyone mesmerized for just a moment too long, too long for the meat you’re cooking that is. What do you do, take your eyes off the game or take em off the meat? That’s a no win situation that iGrill won’t let you get into.



  • Different grills different heats. With iGrill it doesn’t matter how hot or how fast the grill is you get it right every time.      



  •  iGrill works for meats cooking in the smoker or oven.        



  • More than one person is preparing the meal and iGrill lets everyone know its time to plate the food.      


How much does iGrill Cost and where can I buy it?         The complete iGrill kit is $79.98 and is available online here.        More Android, iPhone, iPad products here.