Laptop users and ardent music listeners are always on the lookout for small yet powerful speakers that they can transport around with them easily without fear of damage. The iHome iHM79 mini speakers offer more than a little relief in this regard as these mini speakers offer good quality audio in a smaller size. However, people looking for mini speakers with more than good quality sound may not be impressed with these speakers. This is because, at higher volume levels, the iHome iHM79 mini speakers produce some sound distortions while at lower volume levels they might produce hissing noises. In addition to this, the left and right channels on these speakers for controlling the volume can only be separated by 21 inches, which may reduce volume precision.

The iHome iHM79 mini speakers have been made a little bit larger than their previous model offering a better sound quality. They also weigh very little; both of the speakers weigh less than half a pound and you can purchase them in the colors of white, silver, black or red. The unique aspect about these mini speakers is the fact that they have a circular base with a diameter of 2.5 inches. When expanded to its full height, the speakers can reach 2.75 inches however to make portability and transport easier, you compress the speakers and attach them together so that it is easier to pack them in a cloth pouch. You can easily attach the speakers together using their magnetic links.

The iHome iHM79 mini speakers are rechargeable ones and to make the recharge process easier, the maker iHome provides a split USB cable. This cable has a 3.5mm jack and all you have to do is plug it into your computer or into any other audio device such as an iPhone and the mini speakers will charge themselves. You can also get a USB wall charger for this process. A great idea for people to travel is that you should get a multiport USB charger because with it, you can charge your phone or audio device as well as your iHome iHM79 mini speakers. Another minor drawback with the mini speakers is that you have limited places to keep them; for instance, they can only be separated by 21inches and that they have to be connected to each other using the USB cable at all times.

The iHome iHM79 mini speakers have small LED lights on them that indicate when they are on and when they need to be charged. Considering that they are priced at $50, they may not be the cheapest rechargeable mini speakers around, but weighing in their specifications, the price is fairly competitive. In addition, capsule speakers like these offer other advantages that depend on personal preferences; for example, many people need the advantage of portability more than the advantage of sound quality. Other people might prefer convenience of use to the price tag of the iHome iHM79 mini speakers.