iPad Review Reveals Apple’s Ingenuity in iPad 3. Every time Apple comes up with a new release, a lot of media attention is given to them in the months following the release. This attention is with good reason; as Apple is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of electronics whose philosophy revolves around simple and unique features, many people are looking for a reason to downplay the company.

After the hype with the iPhone, people started anticipating Apple’s version of the tablet, the iPad and they were definitely not disappointed, especially with the iPad 2. This iPad was smaller, thinner and proved to be a better performer.

iPad 3 Resolution

iPad 3 review shows that the latest iPad3 is a different story altogether. This time Apple did not focus on making the device smaller, lighter or thinner. Instead, they focused on improving the iPad 3 screen resolution to a new level. The Apple iPad 3 resolution quality has been improved so much that accompanied with better performing graphics, the device can handle greater pixel density providing better image quality. This iPad 3 review found not much of a difference between the looks of iPad 2 and iPad3 as all components of the device including the camera, buttons, speakers and micro SIM card are located where they were in the iPad 2. However, experienced users of iPad 3 and iPad 2 will easily demonstrate the difference that lies in the new iPad, as it is ever so slightly heavier than its predecessor and also minutely thicker.

iPad 3 Battery

The key change in Apple iPad 3 is still the new retina display of the device. However, delivering such image quality requires more power consumption and Apple has yet been unable to reduce this power consumption owing to the fact that it is still employing panels made with amorphous silicon. This is further protracted by the power consumption of powerful graphics processor in iPad3. Still, Apple sought a solution to this power requirement by replacing the 25 Wh battery of the iPad 2 with a 42.5 Wh battery in the iPad 3 which fulfills the device’s power requirements. The battery takes about six hours to charge completely but even so, setting the screen to maximum brightness, you can enjoy web browsing for 6 continuous hours at this battery power. 

iPad3 Features

Apart from this, the new iPad 3 has 3.5 mm headphones for stereo usage and Dolby digital surround system. The apple digital AV adaptor found in the new iPad can give you a theater like feeling while sitting at your home. Along with this, the iOS 5 introduced in the new iPad not only makes it much faster but also improves the overall performance of various applications and programs. The bottom line issue with most people thinking about purchasing the iPad3 is whether it is really worth the extra $500 especially if they already have the iPad 2.

iPad 3 Summary

In case you do not have an iPad, then the new Apple iPad 3 would make a beautiful purchase. Its resolution would dazzle you while browsing web, playing games in high resolution or talking to far-off friends on video chat. Although playing excessive games on the iPad 3 can heat up the device to a significant extent, simple web browsing does not bring up such issues and for any tech-savvy person, the iPad 3 is nothing short of a treat.