The iPhone 4s, as some have called it, “for Steve.” has a sleek and beautiful design, and is definitely one of a kind. With its array of magnificent features it is a must have accessory in the electronic decade. It is equipped with not only the latest features but also some of the best built-in applications that can help you make the very best out of your phone and remain increasingly connected to the world around you. The positive iPhone 4s reviews further highlights its popularity in the market place.

iPhone 4S – Siri

The Siri facility provides all iPhone 4s users with the unique opportunity. They are now able to operate the phone directly by speaking to it. Siri – the intelligence system embedded in the phone has the ability to not only hear what you are saying but also understand it. The applications stored are used to find the solution to your query. You just need to ask Siri what you need done and instantly it will connect you with the app you want from sending messages and making calls to setting reminders and scheduling meetings.

iPhone 4S Specs & Features

The glowing iPhone 4s reviews are not just mindless gossip and hype created over no reason. The iPhone 4s really is the best.

  • It consists of the dual-core A5 chip, which makes it the most powerful, and stable iPhone ever made.The cores present in the chip are not only great for providing a high surge of speed and power but also the best quality graphics. The effects of this powerful chip are sure to be highlighted especially when browsing the web, launching various apps, playing games and music. 
  • The battery life of this great piece of machinery is also outstanding; you can keep using your iPhone for a long period without the hassle of charging it repeatedly. For those who love the action packed games, this feature provides them with the best setup for playing.
  • Usually the best phones come equipped with low pixel cameras that do not capture a precious moment in its glory. However, with the iSight camera on this device, all of your memories will be captured perfectly. For every shot, you can make use of the custom lens, the large f/2.4 aperture and the 8-mega pixel revolution. Along with this, you have the ability to adjust the lighting and background through the state of the art illusion sensors, the face detection, the amazing automatic white balance facility, advanced kind of color accuracy and other tools to get a crisp and perfect image, everything will look exactly the way it is. 
  • Every beautiful moment is likely to be captured in just one single click! The phone is also equipped with HD video camera of around 1080p. This gives you the ability to shoot high quality videos on the go! With great lighting and the capturing of vivid colors, you can create your very own masterpiece with complete ease and through the most sophisticated functions.