Best Built in iPhone Apps for Beginners

People who use Apple products specifically the iPhone for the first time are normally

lost and confused regarding the various Built in iPhone apps. However, once they understand their way around the phone and how to use those applications, they will most probably become inseparable from their phones. One of the most common yet handy built in iPhone app has to be the LED flashlight that illuminates the phone’s screen and taps the flash of the phone to produce a tighter and light beam.

The most commonly used of the Built in iPhone apps has got to be the Facebook app as this one will allow you to update your status and check your messages within seconds. You should probably keep this one handy on the first home screen of your iPhone.

Nowadays people do not just prefer to mark their calendars for reminders, they need such conveniences to maintain order and one of the built in iPhone apps, Siri gives you just that. Whether you need to remember your friend’s birthday or to call back your dad, Siri is your personal assistant that will keep you organized and updated with your social life. Some people like to remain on top of world news and instead of browsing online and choosing individual websites to look for the latest in news, your built in ‘CNN’ app on iPhone can get the latest in news, photos, videos and alerts from around the world.

In addition to this, you do not need to visit your bank to pay the electricity bill anymore because the Banking App on the iPhone allows you to download your bank’s iPhone app. With this, you can find out on your phone where the nearest ATM is and you can pay your bills within a few minutes using your phone. You can even read books, newspapers and other documents right on your iPhone using Amazon’s app called Kindle. With his iPhone app, you do not need to carry big and heavy books around with you anymore.

Another one of the interesting Built in iPhone apps is ‘AroundMe’ that gives you access to your location’s map so that you can find out where the nearest book store, restaurant, malls, gas stations and just about everything else is. The Built in iPhone apps can help you shop wiser as well with the RedLaser app, which scans any product in a store using the bar code and provides you with not just the product details but also competitive price difference among different retailers that sell the same product. Another way to use these applications to save money is to have Groupon, which allows you access to a daily coupon on a product near you. The only downside to this application is that you have to be located in any one of the applicable 130 cities. With the ‘Shazam’ app on your iPhone, you can listen to music but have your phone identify each song and artist. If you are getting bored, then use the Angry Birds app on your iPhone to spend your time; in fact, once you start playing this game, it may just become one of your favorite Built in iPhone apps because it is just that addictive.