As the Bluetooth technology spreads all over the world, Mac users were left with a relevant dilemma, with their Bluetooth enabled cell phones and PDAs, synchronizing their data from Mac to their cell phones or vice versa was not possible. Then Apple produced the software application iSync that allows Mac users to share their information including photographs, music, addresses, contacts etc. from their Mac to their accounts and to other electronic devices. You can also shift your Safari’s bookmarks and iCal calendar from your Mac to other electronic devices that are recognizable by your Mac or connected to it.

iSync has been an extremely useful software for Mac users because like other computer users, it allows them to remain updated regarding their address book details and calendar events. If you have more than on Mac machine, then you can use iSync to keep your data synchronized and up to date between both of your Macs and your portable electronic devices. In addition to this, you can keep your information and data synced between your Mac and iPod as well using this software.

iSync – How to Use It

  1. Before installing iSync to your Mac, remember that you need to have installed iCloud before because this is required for iSync to work. Once you install iSync beta 1.0, you will see that it contains iSync and iSync_Palm. If you have a palm device, then you will need the latter software for synchronization between your Mac and your palm device.
  2. Once you get the Bluetooth connectivity on your Mac using the Builtin USB adapter, boot your Mac, and you will see the icon in the System Preferences windows. 
  3. From the Bluetooth icon, configure the Bluetooth access using the paired devices tab and adding in the model of your phone. Before this, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on and that it is discoverable. 
  4. Once you do this, your Mac will automatically find your phone and will start the pairing process.

Normally, this should not take more than a few seconds to one minute. You might also be asked to plug in a security code in your phone as provided on phone and vice versa. Once your Mac successfully pairs with your phone, it will also ask for all the services that you want to achieve during this paired relationship.

For the simplest syncing process, click on the sync button and the Mac will synchronize all data related to the services you chose to your phone. For further customization of the syncing process, click on the icon for your phone and once the window opens, you can check and uncheck various options related to synchronizing. For example if you do not want to synchronize all of your contacts, you can customize that option and you can do the same for your calendar. After this, Mac will use iSync to automatically update the Contacts and Calendar of your phone with that of your Mac.