If you’ve been looking for an external speaker that you can listen to in any room in your home or office then the iW1 Wireless Speaker by iHome might be just what you need. This speaker is compact and light enough to move room to room using just one hand. Because of it’s 4 internal built-in speakers the sound it produces is really good and the charging base makes it super convenient to keep charged. Just place the speaker on top of the base when you need a battery charge, no wires and no batteries to keep buying.

Airplay built into the iW1 Wireless Speaker

AirPlay is an application that’s already loaded by Apple on all their latest iPod, iPhone and iPad products. AirPlay lets you automatically stream music from your Apple device to an external speaker like the iHome iW1 wireless speaker. And, the AirPlay app is one the major highlights of the iW1 because its built to utilize AirPlay. Enjoy music from your iTune or one of the many online providers such as Pandora. 

iW1 Wireless Speaker Remote Control

The iW1 does come with a small handheld IR remote. With this remote you can turn the wireless speaker on and off. You can adjust the music volume as well as pause, fast forward etc. and shuffle songs if you want. The option to mute, as well as other convenient personal adjustments such as bass and treble, gives you just the right amount of control without being complicated. This way, with the remote, if you’re sitting in your favorite chair or your desk at work you can adjust or mute the iHome speaker without getting up.

All of these same controls are built right onto the wireless speaker itself.

Additional iW1 speakers

If you’d like to have a speaker in more than one room with iHome’s iW1 you can. You can add multiple speakers with the only limitation in a multi speaker setup is your listen to source can only be from iTunes. 

How to setup the iW1 Wireless Speaker

Setting up the iHome wireless speaker is pretty straight forward. First, the speaker must remain within range of your Wi-Fi network at all times unless you keep it connecting to your Apple device with the supplied USB cable.

During the setup you’ll need to download the free iHome connection app to your Apple device. Next you connect the USB cable between your Apple device and the iHome iW1 wireless speaker. You’ll locate your Wi-Fi network with the downloaded app list and input your Wi-Fi network security password (assuming you’re network is password protected) and then upload the information into your connected wireless speaker. Once this is complete you can disconnect the USB cable and begin enjoying music through your wireless speaker. 

Technical Specifications of the iW1

The iW1 comes with a universal power adapter, 100 – 240 volts so once you plug in the charging base to your electrical outlet you won’t have to connect wires ever again to recharge your wireless speaker lithium ion batteries, the best rechargeable batteries available to consumers today.

The iW1 is certified for 802.11b and g making it instantly compatible with most Wi-Fi routers in homes and businesses today.

The price for the iW1 is $299. 

iW1 User’s Manual

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