The Karaoke Channel gives you an opportunity to browse through a collection of songs and playlists, download them or play them online. All the songs are checked for copyrights, therefore you need not worrying about downloading any codes or license numbers. So if you are planning to throw a party to your friends and do not know what songs to play, the Karaoke Channel can solve the problem for you. The first step is to invite all your friends and neighbors who would be interested in listening and singing along karaoke music. Make sure there are some really confident and fun loving people in your list who can break the ice once the party begins.

Once you have sent out all the invitations, it may be a good idea to check the music setup a day or two before the party. If you are planning to connect your computer with the television, you will have to move the entire setup out in the living room or garden (where ever you are planning to hold most of the gathering). You have the option of using karaoke channel online feature, which connects you directly to the webpage of karaoke channel to browse through the music list. Apart from this, you can also go for the karaoke channel application for smart televisions, mobile phones or Google chrome. The songs list will be the same in all the cases, so it totally depends on your ease as to which option you choose.

Make sure that your room is well decorated; use bright colors for the decoration and arrange the chairs and other furniture in such a way that there is some central space left that can be used as a stage for people to dance. Another good idea to involve people would be to make small souvenirs that can be given away as prizes to people who participate the most. You can keep this as a surprise part, so that there is a little excitement amongst the guests. Lastly, it would be a good thought to warn the neighbors that they will be hearing a lot of loud singing from your house on the day of the party so that they do not complain about it later on. Since there are thousands of songs on karaoke channel, it may be a good idea to short-list a few; you can send the online list to your friends and ask them about their choice as well. In addition to this, you can also make a list of the songs that are your all-time favorite, take a print out of the lists so that it is easier for people to go through it and search for the song that they like on the day of the party. Make sure that your sound is checked beforehand and that your music system is working fine. If you have the right amount of budget, you can even hire a karaoke jokey to make your music system more efficient or otherwise you can always ask a good friend to manage the music system for you.


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