What is Xbox KINECT

Xbox KINECT is an accessory which is added onto an Xbox gaming console. The KINECT allows the gamer to enjoy games hands free. In other words, there is no controller needed to use the KINECT. The KINECT sees your motions through special sensors. All you have to do it stand in front of the KINECT, wave your hands a few times to wake the KINECT sensor up, and then play the games without having to hold a controller. You can view a demonstration here.

KINECT as a nanny cam?

Currently the KINECT sensor can’t be used as a Nanny Cam.

How does the KINECT work?

The KINECT sensor is typically positioned immediately beneath the center of the TV or immediately atop the center of the TV.

The most ideal area for setting up the KINECT is an area that is between 6 feet away from the KINECT sensor up to 10 feet away. The KINECT can be used with or without an internet connection.

With an internet connection and Xbox Gold the KINECT user can play online and chat with other online friends.

What do I need to buy?

XBox Console and KINECT Sensor Kit

The Xbox KINECT can be purchased as a separate item if you already own an Xbox or you can purchase the KINECT as part of a complete kit which includes both the Xbox console and the KINECT accessory.

XBox Storage Thumb DriveIf you have an older Xbox console you probably need additional hard drive or thumb drive storage space and Xbox sell both of these products. If you want to play the game or see Xbox online content you also need Xbox Gold, a subscription to their online services.

There are new games continually coming out for the KINECT. One game that often comes with the KINECT is called, “KINECT Adventures”. This is a great introductory game for the entire family, both the young and young at heart. Another popular game for the entire family is KINECT Sports. This game lets you play: Boxing, Track & Field, Soccer, Volley Ball, Ping Pong and Bowling.

Does KINECT need batteries?

No, because the sensor is hands free and is connected to your Xbox gaming console using the wire that comes with the Kinect sensor you do not need batteries, the power comes automatically from the Xbox gaming console. Only the controller of the console needs two AA batteries.


The Xbox KINECT is an accessory to the Xbox 360 Gaming Console. The KINECT allows you to enjoy KINECT games completely hands free. The KINECT uses special sensors to track game users body movements. The KINECT can be used with or without Internet. It can be purchased alone or as a complete kit which also includes the gaming console. It must be position directly under the center of the TV or directly above the center of the TV and roughly user (gamer) must be able to step back at least 6 to 8+ feet within a fairly wide open space to safely enjoy using(gaming) with Kinect.