The Logitech Alert camera system, overall, is a very good product which anyone can install. It’s a good product for several reasons. First, its about as easy a camera system to install as they come. Two, the system was designed in a smart way. Third, the cameras work in good light and are available to work in pretty low light conditions as well. Forth, the clarity of the digital pictures the Logitech Alert product produces is very good.

Logitech Alert – What makes it easy to Install?

Every camera system out there, whether its the Logitech Alert or some other brand, requires electrical power to operate. Although there are cameras that run off batteries the batteries will not run long (a couple days) or you’ll only capture some events that you hope to capture and that wont give you the peace of mind you are probably looking for by installing cameras.

The Logitech Alert cameras plug into your existing electrical wiring so they always have power. Now yes, the downside is you see the small electrical cord but that’s a trade off from higher costly, professionally installed systems.

Logitech Alert - Remote Viewing

Pick a location for any camera close enough to an electrical receptacle, plug it in and your practically done. Another module plugs into an electrical receptacle adjacent your router and after the software installation your up and running. Storage is right on board the camera so if ever you need to view past events you pop the storage card into your pc and find what your looking for. A great thing about this system is your can add cameras as you need and indoor cameras can be relocated with ease.


How was the Logitech Alert designed in a smart way?


Its a smart design because of its ease of installation, simple to use software, feature allowing you to view cameras remotely using your smart phone, ability to add cameras as you go along and other add-on options. When Logitech Alert was engineered to plug into your existing electrical wiring a couple of the most complex issues were solved for you from the onset such as how to power it and how to transmit a good picture reliably, all at a low price point comparative to other camera systems.


A bonus of Logitech Alert


The Logitech Alert is viewable from your home TV too. If you add the Logitech Google TV appliance and connect to your Television you can view a camera from the comfortable place. For example, if you often have visitors at your front door the camera is viewable picture in picture using the Google TV appliance. Or, childern or pets playing in the backyard can also be viewed.


All in all, this is a very good system at a really appropriate price point.